Thursday, 18 April 2013

Drum roll please...

We finally have a kennel name!! This arrived in the post today :)

Although I didn't get my first choice I'm really pleased that they gave us this one. It means that Brax gets to be even more infamous!! It is fairly short as well so puppy names shouldn't be too traumatic to think up!!

Sparkle had her first 'big girl' walk today as it is a week since her last jab. I took her to the common for a potter with Jess (who is 12.5 and doesn't go far) and she was brilliant, off lead the whole time and happily recalling. She offers me down constantly so I think she might be like Brax in that respect too as Brodie and Brooke both do a start line sit. 

Crazy ears blowing in the wind!!

Puppy on a mission!

Learning to pose nicely for pictures :) Ears aren't blowing around in this one either! Love my little Sparkler, she is so much fun!!


  1. I like your Kennel Name! What was your first choice? Look like we are expecting a litter soon :)

    Love Sparkle, sooooooo cute!

  2. Love the KC Name. What was your first choice? Awww bless how cute is wee Sparkle (just love the name) :)

  3. Our first choice was Marobur (a combination of Matthew and my names and surname) but they turned it down as it was too similar to another kennel name. I like Braxway though :)