Monday, 19 July 2010

Rugby Show

The dogs were at Rugby show this weekend and Brax was doing both Champ class and the Crufts team qualifier. Rugby is a big show and it has a very high standard of competition as there are a lot of qualifiers but it still manages to retain a nice atmosphere. Although I wasn't there to cheer on the saturday, Brax managed to get through to the champ final but unfortunately got eliminated due to a handler error! Matthew ran Brodie for me on the saturday and they got a 4th in the G1-7 agility - Yay go boys!!

Brodie and Brax did really well on the sunday, no placings but all clear rounds, including on a tricky C6-7 jumping course. I'm loving the challenge of doing some of the trickier courses and seeing how different people handle it. All the Sheltie Club teams did really well in the qualifiers, it was a case of nearly but not quite!

I have been busy today driving round the M25 and M4 to have a new dog tailguard fitted so that the shelties can have the run of the boot! It looks fab and I can't wait for the next few shows to try it out!

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  1. Good to hear your enjoying the "tricky" courses! Sounds like you had a fab weekend, well done Brax & Brodie! It was a shame about the Team fantastic run! Hope your liking the tailgate!