Monday, 12 July 2010

Bretford Show - Brodies 1st G6 win!

Bretford show was such a nice day out yesterday! It was fairly small, had good ground and nothing was too far away from the rings. Both dogs had an agility run early in the morning and both managed to win their class! I was really pleased with Brodie as it was a graded 4-7 and he was the fastest clear over all the grades. I really didn't expect to get a Grade 6 win so I'm still a bit shocked but very proud of my wee man!! He did well in the C1-7 agility getting a 3rd on a real up and down course and was also one out the places in the steeplchase. The graded jumping was a more interesting course but I mucked up one of my pull throughs so poor Brodie wants a new sat nav! I was pleased to see how he coped with four runs and he was actually squealing and yapping while I was in the queue for my last class. This year he is so much mentally and physically more mature. He does have a lazy Monday to recover though - I caught him asleep earlier and videod him!
Well done to our friends who did so well at the weekend, Jane and Millie winning Grade 3 agility, Tamar winning Grade 4 agility, Jackie and Ellie winning Grade 1 jumping and also congrats to Helen and Sweep who came 3rd in the SuperDARL finals!


  1. Oh Blimey! Brodie is going great gun at the moment, there is no stopping you two to go G7 this year! WooHoo! Shelties Power!

    Love the video, I thought it was Sizzle!

  2. WTG Shelties! Brodie will be in G7 very soon! He is fantastic! Great to hear he was the fastest! woohoo pround mum :)

    Loved the video he he he