Monday, 26 April 2010

Scotland Trip!

Last weekend we went up to Scotland to visit my Mum and Dad and have a wee break in St Andrews where Kingdom of Fife show was on. Matthew and I met at St Andrews University ten years ago so it was weird being back there visiting old haunts, including Janettas amazing ice cream shop (52 flavours, oh yeah!!). My Mum lives a couple of hours north and my Dad lives near Edinburgh so it was lovely to see both of them over the weekend as we don't get up to Scotland very often.

The dogs did really well over the weekend, Brax got a couple of wins at her first show as a grade 7 and also a 2nd and a 3rd. One of her wins was a stunning agility run on a very windy day and we wondered if she would manage to tip the seesaw! Brodie got a couple of 2nds and won the c1-4 agility which means he goes into Grade 5 at his first show in Grade 4. It wasn't quite the plan as I didn't want him to win out too fast but the agility he won was a bit quirky so some of the faster dogs struggled. Brodie seems to be more confident this year so hopefully we won't be too out of his depth once we get into Grade 5!

We met the cutest sheltie puppy that was for sale and I would have popped her in my pocket if it wasn't such a long way home. I couldn't resist a cuddle! We met up with a couple more gorgeous shelties and my Mum took this cute pic of what must be three of the smallest shelties and one of each colour! Brax is sitting with merle Ava and tri Ellie who is (Lians) Sizzles sister. Awwww aren't they sweet!

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  1. Glad you had a nice time! Although it was bit od a "windswept" couple od days LOL! You all did really well with your runs and placings! Nice first place engraved glasses to take home :) It was lovely to meet up! Love the picture :)