Monday, 12 April 2010

Spring @ Shuttleworth and naked pony!!

Finally now the weather is a bit nicer, my pony is staying out 24/7 so no mucking out - woohoo!! He couldn't even be bothered lifting his head this morning when I went to get him, obviously not missing his cosy stable at all. I always that a field of spring grass for horses must be like us living in a house of chocolate!!
The dogs had Spring at Shuttleworth show this weekend, Brax did both days but Brodie only did Sunday. Sometimes I need him to do trick demos or help socialise puppies at work in puppy class. I'm sure he'd rather be doing agility though! They both did really well as it was a big show and there were some very good dogs competing. Brodie got a 3rd in the C1-3 agility and 3rd in the G1-3 jumping which I hadn't walked so it was a bit 'wing and a prayer!' I must apologise to my poor dog for me messing up the weaves in the TFO so he only got to do 3 obstacles!

Brax was flying (off her contacts in the agility!) in her jumping runs. She got a 2nd in G4-7 jumping and by far her best result was a 5th in the C1-7 jumping. There were some incredible dogs in the class so to even be placed was an achievement as the course wasn't a Bracken sort of course (not enough tight turns and twiddly bits to make up time!). She also did the TFO but wasn't placed as Matthew used it as a good chance to practice those darn contacts!!

Here is a rubbish video of Brax doing the C1-7, sorry my videoing skills are so terrible!

Matthew and I both had the chance to run someone elses dog yesterday which was great fun. Lian asked Matthew to run Sizzle in the C1-7 and bless him he did work for Matthew despite looking slightly confused at the start! Matthew really enjoyed running him as we only have one dog each and we never run dogs other than ours so its a good experience. Gladys asked me to run her cute terrier Benji in small TFO and he was fab! We got quite far round and were clear. I really enjoyed it and it was funny standing in the queue and running in the same class as Matthew!

Brodie was so tired yesterday evening that he fell asleep on his Bretford rosettes from last weekend (thats how badly I need to do some housework today!) He looked so cute I had to take a pic of him.When we were filling in Brodies warrant book we realised he has enough points for his silver warrant! In fact he needs less than 300 points to get his gold warrant! He is my little superstar :)

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