Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bretford Easter Eggility Show!

We had a fun weekend at Solihull although it was a bit windy! The best thing was catching up with so many agility friends that we hadn't seen for months. The dogs did really well and even got a few easter eggs for their troubles!

I felt that Brodie is finally getting more consistent with the speed of his contacts and weaves in his runs. In fact I think that the cold windy weather suits him well. The only class he didn't go clear in was the special 1-7 jumping and that was because I handled it like a numpty!! I adore running Brodie as he is really starting to work with me at shows now he is a bit older, instead of having confidence crisis moments!

Brax did some lovely runs and managed not to get blown off the dog walk. The weather was not quite to her majestys satisfaction but at least she didn't have one of her diva moments and stop in the weaves like she did last year!

Congratulations to Lian and the super Sizzle who won two agility classes, moving them up to Grade 6 in style!! Also well done to Jane and Millie who won into Grade 3 and Tamar who won into Grade 4, Helen with Sweep and Jackie with Ellie and George (at his first KC show!) getting good placings. Congratulations to fellow Letchworth doggies Mirk and Willow who both won their agility classes and Angie with Midge who won both agility and jumping to go Grade 4 at her first show-clever girly!

We got given some Creme eggs for helping on the rings and we couldn't resist practising 'hold it'. (Maybe if chocolate was on offer at all shows, more people might help on rings?!) Sorry about the scary eyes in the photo, Brodie looks a bit wild!!

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  1. Well done! I got updates from Lian! WTG Sizzle! Poor Brax getting blown off! Good to hear Broadie's confidence (and yours) is on the up! Good Luck for the rest of the season! If your in Scotland let me know as I go to most of them!