Thursday, 30 July 2009

Let me introduce Tresca who has an amazing story which highlights the importance of having dogs microchipped!! Three and a half years ago my Mum and sister Amy adopted her from a rescue shelter in Aberdeen (they live in Aberdeenshire!) and although she was nervous she settled well in the following month.

Unfortunately one day in Feb 2006 she bolted and despite hours of searching, radio alerts, posters and knocking on doors she disappeared. Around that time I travelled north to have my wedding dress fitted and the countryside where she escaped was hit by very bad weather. We checked sheds and woods but no sign of Tresca. Anyway, eventually you expect the worst has happened so imagine Mum and Amys surprise when the local dog warden turned up with her a couple of weeks ago!!! It it was the microchip that reunited them. If only she could talk, I bet she has a few stories to tell!

I'm looking forward to meeting her as she looks lovely!! Sometimes I wish I didn't live the other end of the country as i'd love to be on hand to help with overcoming some of Tresca's worries. She is a bit wary of noises and traffic but all credit to Amy and Mum for quietly working with her to increase her confidence.

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