Monday, 13 July 2009

We had a fun day yesterday at Billingshurst show. I think its a lovely show and the atmosphere is so friendly and relaxed. Plus it was lovely to catch up with Lian, Lynne and Indira and watch their shelties in action.

Brodie was on form and I'm so proud of him as he got three clears rounds! He got third in the agility club starters challenge qualifier for next year and the lady that came second wasn't a member so we have qualified for the 2010 final!! It takes the pressure off a bit for this years final :-)

He also got 6th over a very tricky jumping course (C1-4) despite me getting in his way. Brodies final class was C1-4 agility and he came third out of 70 + dogs. He worked really well all day and didn't seem to tire for the third class too much as sometimes I forget hes so young.

Brax did an amazing jumping round (C5-7) to get 2nd place and also got 4th in a very fast
(C3-5) agility course with no weaves! Matthew took Brax to Rugby on Saturday and got a 2nd in jumping and a first in jumping that wasn't presented to them!! Long story but somehow they had missed Brax's time out of the scoresheets and had done the presentations. Matt queried the results as there was only 19 that ran and they placed to 10th! He thought it was a bit strange that she had gone clear and not been placed. Anyway, it turns out that they were first but they didn't want to call everyone back to shuffle rosettes around so Matt is going to get a trophy in the post!

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