Monday, 27 July 2020

Workshops galore!

Its currently raining so rather than working I thought I'd update my blog. Got home today to a parcel in the post with goodies in from my Mum, thanks Mum! 😘

On Thursday I took the younger two to a workshop with Dan and had a great time on a tricky course! Here is the course plan, not sure you will be able to read the numbers without zooming in but it was fun to run. Spark and I did it in bits and then tried the whole course together. Bru did all of it in bits except the weaves (super hard entry and exit!) I was absolutely thrilled with Spark for not going in the tunnel at all instead of the weaves! Dan also had us layer the long jump with the tunnel and get a blind cross in between 23 and 24 which was hard with a running dog walk!!

Here is Spark attempting the whole course, sadly she slipped in the weaves so I had to put her back in and I was late to cue the tunnel at 19 (my fault as Spark needs very early commands!) You can see Dan chasing me to get the blind in between 23 and 24 😂

And here is a couple of videos of Bru working. This is the first section

The middle bit up to the weave entry

And the end bit with the dog walk!

Its cute that they all fit in the same crate 😍

Brooke Bean and Bru did a workshop on Friday on push rounds, they are a bit of a weakness for both dogs when doing them at a distance so it was perfect to concentrate on them. They were both absolutely fantastic and Brooke in particular was very independent! 

This is Brooke working in slow motion, it shows how well she did the jump behind the tunnel without me helping much at all.

 On Friday night we went for a walk into the village and picked some blackberries for a crumble. The photo doesn't show how many there were!

We also picked the most enormous runner bean...pint glass for scale!!

On Saturday morning it was my turn to teach workshops rather than participate in them! I asked the girls if they wanted to come and help and this was the reaction...!

Whereas this little dude was very happy to come and help like usual!

My new phone makes me laugh as it identifies what you are taking a photo of and its convinced that the dogs are sometimes a 'kitty' 😂😂

In other news we have a new dog walk for the field and it is lovely! 

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