Friday, 24 July 2020

Agility course running fun!

We had a wonderful time last weekend doing some course running in the sunshine! There were a couple of courses set up and we had different goals for the three dogs. With Spark I wanted to go and run the course straight off like I was at a show. She was a good girly and only got faults in the weaves as I got stuck behind her!

With Bru it was about contacts and weaves in new places. We can't fault his confidence...he threw himself over the dog walk in four strides the first time and still hit the contacts!!

I am tempted not to mention Brooke haha! She was so excited and seemed to think she was at a show! She usually will choice a contact over a tunnel anytime but not that day..little minx!

And the cutest thing was that I had Brodie out to watch the others and Dawn said he could do a couple of tunnels...he loved it!

Here are some photos from the last week. We walked into town and had fish and chips on the Saturday lunchtime and the doglets loved scrounging for food!

Brodie is doing really well after he got sorted by Sally physio, he is standing so much better and moving so well. I think he is so handsome 😍💙

My two at the course showing their very different behaviour around agility...Spark wants to watch the action

Whereas Brodie just barks at me!

We had found some blackberries in the village on our walk so crumble for dinner!

We have also had some lovely warm evening walks this week

On Wednesday evening Matts football team Luton Town were playing to stay in the championship and they needed a win to not get relegated. Luckily they won but Bru was very worried about his Daddy's stress levels!! 

Whereas Spark enjoyed watching the game!!

Spotted this very unusual ladybird!

Our tomatoes are finally ripening!

Brackens rose is still flowering and looking lovely!

And our first wonky carrot!

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