Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Lockdown clue!!

I know we are now past a hundred and something days since Lockdown started, at the weekend the pubs and cafes were allowed to open on what Boris called 'Super Saturday' I'm sure the poor couple who moved in to the bungalow next to the social club fields didn't agree that it was very super when they had drunk people fighting at 1am outside! I fear there may be more restrictions in place at some stage as people can't seem to control themselves and I have noticed even with my clients that there is a much more relaxed attitude to handling stuff and standing close to me. I'm not too bothered mostly but I am aware that I don't want to be too 'peopley'! I have struggled a bit with lack of me time recently which sounds a bit selfish but after weeks of it just being me and Matt with the dogs (I count time with Matt as me time as we can really chill out) it is hard to be sociable sometimes. I realise how much I need weekends as down time to switch off. Its funny how lockdown has made a lot of people learn things about themselves, it was such a strange situation to be in! I am loving being back at work but miss my time in the garden and exploring walks.

Our tomato plant is now a giant!! You can't tell but its about 7ft tall!

Goofy Sparkle!

I absolutely love the Hydrangeas round the village, the colours are so pretty!

Talking of work I ran my show over the last couple of weeks and this week I have been handling rosettes out. I am so very proud of everyone who took part and had a go! Some amazing young baby dogs doing their first ever courses right through to older dogs who are nearing retirement and won't ever compete again. I got to do some course running of my own on Monday as I entered Brooke into the series 2 of the Lucky 13's online competition. She hasn't done one yet and when my friend Helen said she had the courses set up, I went and taught her and ran Brooke. Here are her two runs! She was a good little Bean 💚

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