Monday, 25 January 2010

Brax and Saturn have qualified for CRUFTS!

We all had so much fun training yesterday! Matthew and I took the shelties for a training session so that Brax could practice running on a surface similar to the Crufts surface. We met up there with Lian and Colin and three of their shelties, Sing (whose also going to Crufts), Saturn (Brax's pairs partner) and Sizzle (Brodie's relation). It was so a lovely day and it was so much fun to play around with different dogs and different courses. We all took turns running our dogs and had a swop around as well. Brax and Saturn were fab and it gave Matt and Lian a chance to practice handing over the baton.

Thanks to Lian for finding such a useful training venue and organising it as well as taking some amazing photos of Brodie strutting his stuff! It was interesting watching how the dogs adjusted to landing and turning after the jumps as all of them slipped a bit to begin with until they got sure of their footing. I'm very proud of my little Brodie as he ran for Matthew and Lian. Considering he has never ran for anyone else, he probably went faster for Lian than us, certainly in the weaves!! Cheeky boy -he loves his Auntie Lian!!

We got our letter from the Kennel Club this week to say that Brax and Saturn had qualified (in first place!) for the mini/mixi pairs. Its all very exciting!! Brax has been to Crufts before on a dog pass for a trade stand and the atmosphere doesn't bother her at all, as long as she doesn't realise that my Mum is watching her. She adores my Mum!

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  1. Thanks for the lovely day! I was so tired after we got home!