Friday, 3 September 2021

Bru wins into Grade 6 and Branston comes home!!

 We decided to give KCI a miss this year as the format had changed for Novice Cup this year and we decided to do Frittenden and go puppy visiting instead! Bru was on fire at Frittenden and managed to get his last win to Grade 6! It was nice to go to a quiet show and meet some friends! 

Spark wasn't right at the show so I pulled her out. She had previously ran into one of our large terracotta pots on the patio while chasing a squirrel, smashed the pot and came running back to me on three legs 😖 Unfortunately our lovely physio was off work so I didn't ask her but after the show I got her seen and she was sore in her shoulders and neck. All fixed now though! 

Since then she ran at Pure agility on the Friday and won a class, it was a tricky course but she was really listening! 

Spark and the offending pot!!

Some random pics of our doglets last week before Branston came home! 

Green feet after field cutting!

Pre puppy arrival I also had a day out in London with Cathy and Annabel to visit the Tower of London, it was amazing to walk round and not too busy due to covid limiting numbers. 

Its amazing how close up you can get to the Ravens! 

And a couple of random garden pics! My bee log is looking quite full

And some of our home produce!

I've probably waffled on so long that everyone has given up reading this by now!! Anyway here are a couple of photos of Branston before he came home. This is Branston and his brother Strike at 7 weeks out for coffee! 

And a little boy with his dinosaur! It has his name and birthdate on it and was given it by Strikes new mummy, what a lovely gift!

He was such a good boy on the way home except being travel sick. He squawked a bit in his crate but generally has been excellent about being in his pen and crate! He loves his food and toys too and Grandma Lian gave him such a lovely puppy pack with lots of nice toys! Toilet training so far is going well, he has done three pees that we missed but two were on the first evening which is understandable. Here is a little compilation of some of the things we have got up to in his first week here ❤

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