Monday, 23 August 2021

Tuffley and meet Branston!

 At the end of July we went to Tuffley champ show, Sparks kept up with her almost runs by having two poles in the jumping (but the second fastest time...typical!) and a brain fart in the agility which resulted in a refusal! Bru had a much more successful day winning a C5-7 jumping class which is no mean feat at a champ show and coming 2nd in the Novice cup qualifier! A slightly frustrating second in some ways as Matts plan was to hold the seesaw as he had quick released one at agility club. He held it for over a second and the winner beat him by 0.2! Good criteria but it would have been his last win to go Grade 6!! Here is the run which was so lovely to watch 💛

And this is Brus C5-7J run

The most exciting news is that this Friday we will be picking up a new furry family member! 

Meet Branston!!! ❤ One of a litter of four, three boys and a girly. He is the only sable, the rest are all bi blacks. His Daddy is Bru's half brother so its lovely to have the family connection to our other sables!

Cheeky boy!! 

We have had so many lovely photos and videos to follow his progress! Its been brilliant being able to see him a few times as well so he gets to know us and vice versa, he really is everything I could wish for! 

Here is a little video compilation! 

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