Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Farewell to 2020 ASAP!

So we came home and got this leaflet through the door highlighting the new rules for Tier 4 (which basically are the same as tier 3 but with no meeting in groups outside but lots of people seem to be ignoring that anyway sadly) We watched the Coronavirus news briefing today expecting tougher restrictions but nope and the schools are set to go back next week despite 981 people dying yesterday and over 50,000 people testing positive. There is a new variant in the UK that spreads quicker than the older version which is causing the surge in cases. Although we now have two vaccines being rolled out it is unlikely many people will be vaccinated quickly.

Someone was so tired from holiday that she dragged her bed into the middle of the room and slept for ages!

We also came home to Brooke and Brodies hoopers is all I can say!!! The prizes are beautiful! 

Christmas was very different this year. For the first time ever it was just me and Matt for a meal so we decided to have roast beef with trimmings, it was very tasty! We did go over to Matts folks for a walk but obviously no meeting inside. We did manage a zoom present opening session though!

Yearly sofa photo, first one without Bracken 😢

On our walk Bru found a tree his size!

And had sweet dreams of Santa Paws!

My friend got me a gorgeous painting of Bramble, my first sheltie so now I have the whole set!

Our new jumps! 

And I got this cool game from my sister!

I may have got a bit carried away doing baking!

Since Christmas we have been in the limbo where you don't really know what the day is and you just eat cheese 😂😂 It has been nice to relax and catch up with some friends too!

So from us and the furry ones we wish that your 2021 is a better year than 2020 and that some normality will resume at some point. For us I'm hoping it will be the addition of a four legged family member!!  Thanks for the couple of you that actually read this waffle!! 

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