Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Axstane disaster!

The less said about Axstane the better...it was a disaster from beginning to end really! Firstly Bru's jumping clashed with Sparks champ agility which made it a bit stressful. Bru's course was really not flowing for a young dog but he made his own course up anyway haha! Spark was in post season brain fart so I wasn't expecting wonders but she worked ok apart from coming out of her weaves which is really unusual. Here is her agility run...long jump was my fault as I gave her quite a late command. Really pleased with her wrong end of tunnel though!

Brooke had a course not as flowing as Sparks for her champ agility, unfortunately she was drawn to run straight after Lian and Bru's brother Siri. Well it just totally blew Brookes brains entirely! She wouldn't settle on the start line and then flew over the aframe, landed in a heap and then ran out of the ring to find her Grandma! 😞

In champ jumping Spark came out of her weaves again which made me realise there might be an issue. (Luckily both girls were booked for a mid season check with the physio on the Monday. Sure enough Spark was a bit tight and Brooke was sore from her dive over the aframe. No show this last weekend so Brooke has had a good rest and lots of taking it easy!)

We walked the boys tunnels and jumps course and decided it was squashed up and silly so we went home in a bit of a strop! Poor Toad hadn't got to do anything so I took him the the field during the week and gave him a run around 💙

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