Wednesday, 5 June 2019

A big Birthday and Beacon Champ

Sorry I'm still trying to catch up with my blog posts...May was such an amazing month!

Matthew and I both celebrated a big Birthday within ten days of each other! You can imagine my surprise when one of my super lovely clients turned up with this stunning cake 😍 It was so beautiful and very tasty! On my actual birthday we went to Beacon champ show, Bru did one jumping run (missed weaves again!) and the girls were both doing champ. The jumping was such a tricky course and I was fully expecting an E but apart from almost losing Spark at the start she did really well until she ran past the last jump!! This is starting to be a bit of an issue so I'm trying different things to fix it. Brooke had a super time and would have been 5th in the jumping but had the first pole (one of her issues!)

Here is Brookes jumping, look at the pull through!!

The agility course was more flowing and Spark managed a clear and 4th!! She managed to get both turns off the dog walk and aframe! Brooke had a cheeky dog walk but both girls made the final! Unfortunately its fair to say that the champ final course was not our cup of tea, both girls got E'd but here is Sparks attempt. I knew she would run past the seesaw from that angle! So pleased with how they both did though

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