Thursday, 5 November 2015

Interclub success and winter training starts!

Brax and Brodie ran for Letchworth at the Interclub match which was a competition between Letchworth, Bats and Wellingborough. I was really pleased with how Brodie ran the agility and he managed to win it! Less said about his jumping run the better but I knew he was going to be cheeky as he was barking on teh startline! Brax did two allsorts runs and came 3rd in both of them to the same two collies! She was amazing! 

I was supposed to be competing the three mediums at Bretford on the Sunday but what with Spark being in season and Dolly having a cut pad I only took Brodie which turned out to be a waste of time! There was very limited walking between heights so I missed walking the jumping and messed that up but walked the agility and missed running it! Disaster! Brodie had a fun day out tho :-) Dolly has been taking Sparks place in our Dan lessons and has been a very good girl, we have lots to work on over winter but she is getting much more confident with being sent to do things while I run off!

These two crack me up-how serious do they look about posing! Sparkle has got a new harness as her old one finally broke which is such a shame as she had it from 7 months old.

This is Bean post brush looking gorgeous in the Autumn grass. She enjoys looking for food I have scattered in the grass and keeps her busy!

Sparkle is still in season and is being lead walked. We have been working on some of her tricks including bowing which she is getting very good at! She looks a bit frizzy in these pics as she had been out in the rain for a while!

Brodie is loving all his agility and Rally work at the moment! He got confused walking past this board at Rally on Monday night and thought he might offer his stopped contact position-funny boy!! :-D

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