Wednesday, 3 July 2013

One of those weekends...

Sometimes you end up having one of those weekends where nothing quite goes according to plan! We went to GT UKA on Saturday with a great action plan - lots of NFC runs to do some training in the ring with the doglets with specific goals for each dog (I know I'm geeky - I can't help it, lol!) For Dolly it was rewarding weaves and contacts but particularly seesaw, for Brooke it was weaves and dog walk, Brax it was dog walk and Brodie was doing two runs competitively.

Well Brodie came 2nd in Snooker but it was a poor show on my part as I forgot to cue the last A frame so he ran past it - yes I'm an idiot! Then his steeplechase clashed with Brooke and Dolly's jumping run and I hadn't walked it - ended up 4th but very wide turns and bad handling from me! Dolly on the other hand was a little star- lovely contacts and weaves coming on nicely. Only dodgy point was her jumping off half way down the A frame - most unlike her but a previous dog had done a WEE on the top of the A frame!!!! I forgave poor Dolly and her sensitive nose!! Fortunately it was a NFC run so I put her back on and rewarded it :)

Brax was still a bit cheeky on her dog walk - she is so good at my field and at Dans but in a show environment she just can't help it! She is getting the contact but not reaching her criteria so we still need to work on that! Matthew had a great lesson with Dan on Monday and the two girlies were amazing and needless to say Brax did stunning dog walks - cheeky minx!!

Thanks to MJC photography for these amazing pictures of my flying Brodie :)

And little Brax being a scary bear!!

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  1. Ahhh those weekends! Sounds like you had fun though :) Well done Brodie x Lovely pics.