Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring yet??!

We had such lovely warm weather and now its turned cold and wet again. Better not complain as we have a hose pipe ban so could really use the rain! The poor horses and plants don't know whether they are coming or going. In the woods we ride through, the bluebells have come out which is so early. I'll try and take the dogs up there for some photos soon as they make a lovely back drop. Max was a naked pony for a few days and enjoyed having the sun on his back - this week he is back in rugs again. We have been entered a dressage competition for this weekend for the first time in ages. He loves his jumping but isn't so keen on dressage but his schooling has been coming along so well that I thought he deserved the chance to strut his stuff! Might try and do some jumping with him as well this year and incredibly he can do veteran classes at showing from May. He doesn't act his age though ;-) As he is getting older he is going fleabitten (horsey term for coloured 'spots' coming through his white coat) which in a dog I would call 'naughty spots' - very apt in Max's case!! He is not actually naughty but just very mischievous - he makes me laugh, especially when he grabs peoples zips and undoes them!!

This crazy bundle of fur is Brooke and our house guest Jamie (a pap) asleep on the sofa. Brax was on my lap as well so it was very snuggly - Brodie gets too hot so can't be doing with sofa snuggles! We were supposed to be going to Spring at Shuttleworth on the sunday but for various reason decided to give it a miss and went for a long walk and pub lunch instead with my friend and her two dogs. All six dogs had a brilliant time and really enjoyed walking together - they were shattered when they got home. Its nice to know ours welcome house guests so readily, it will make it much easier for when dog number 4 comes along :)

The 3 B's came into London with me during the week to visit an old school friend of mine. We have known each other since we did chemistry together at Standard Grade! Its nice to catch up with old friends as I live soooo far away from where I grew up. The sign of a great friend is when you haven't seen each other for a couple of years and still chat solidly for hours like it was last week you last saw them!! Wendy has a gorgeous garden in Ealing and a lovely flat that is just like a wee cottage inside. The dogs enjoyed her tranquil garden and I couldn't resist taking a photo of them posing (before stinky puppy decided to roll in something - grr!!) We had a lovely walk to a park and the dogs had a good time watching the kids in the play park while we had a coffee. I was really proud of them and how they coped with the hustle and bustle of the park.

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