Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Brooke on the train!

We had a lovely weekend going into St Albans on the train with all three shelties to walk round the market and do some socialising! She was a very good girly and took everything including the train journey in her stride. We lost count of how many people stopped us to cuddle the shelties - 7 people asked if Brodie and Brax were Brookes mum and dad! Matthew and I even managed to stop for a nice coffee to sit and watch the world go by!

On Sunday we went to sheltie camp which is run by the ESSC Working Section. Matthew and I were teaching agility so we failed to get any pictures but I was so impressed with the standard the dogs we trained. It was great to see everyone having a go even if they had never tried it before. Brooke had great fun playing with her brother Sonic all day! It was a good chance to socialise the pups and thanks to Lian for looking after her while we were busy. There are some amazing pictures on Lians blog including some very cute puppy pics!

Here are a couple of photos from the WAO that people have kindly sent of Brax and Matt

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