Monday, 10 May 2010

Beacon and Tunbridge Wells

Brax has had a good but exhausting weekend going to Beacon on saturday and Tunbridge Wells on sunday. She did really well in the Champ jumping coming 4th but got an E in the champ agility. It is those pesky tunnels under A frames, so we must do some more work on obstacle discrimination! Clever sheltie also got a 6th in C5-7 jumping but unfortunately the small ESSC team didn't get placed. The medium ESSC team however, came 2nd so well done to them!

On the sunday, Brax did a very nice run in C6-7 agility to earn another 6th place and she went clear in the team event. I got to run her for the first time in competition in the C1-7 Olympia Agility which was great fun! And we went clear!! We were just out of the places but I was very pleased to get her round quite a tricky course. We have filmed some of her rounds but I haven't worked out how to put them on the blog yet! A big well done to Lisa and Tyler, Lynne and Hattie and Eleanor and Smo who all got top ten placings in the Medium Olympia 1-7.

As for Brodie, he is still not right. He was given a quick assessment yesterday at the show by a therapist who confirmed that he is very tight and needs a proper treatment. He is still not cocking his leg properly or trotting freely so I won't do agility with him until I know that he is 100%.

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