Friday, 4 February 2022

Branston 7 months and Sparkle turns 9!

 In the last two weeks Branston Pickle has been a busy boy! He did a Hoopers puppy workshop, agility foundation workshop and rally class 😁 It is nice to get him into some groups so that he learns to take turns and watch the others quietly on his bed...something that Sparkle never managed! 

Here is a video from his puppy Hoopers workshop ❤

And a recent video of what we have been getting up to! Agility wise so far we have done a straight tunnel, a jump bump grid, just started curvy tunnels with no speed and he has done a couple of wing wraps 

In the last week Sparkle has turned 9 years old! πŸ’œ I can't believe it as she is still my little puppy really! She certainly doesn't act her age and many people still think she is a puppy as she is so dinky and cute! We have had the most wonderful dry weather recently so Sparkle got a birthday run round in the field. We haven't trained our dog walk exits recently so I was very pleased with these! Hopefully she will have this year doing some champs with Bru before starting to wind down agility wise a bit next year.

Here are some recent photos of the birthday girly! 

And some other photos of the gang! Bru and Brooke both passed their Level 3 Hooperstars award! Look how gorgeous the rosettes are!  

Finally a photo of all four shelties looking the same way and actually looking the correct sizes! Branston is now about 39cm so taller than Toad and a couple of cm shorter than Sparkle. I think he is pretty much finished growing now so will be a nice sized medium. 

This photo makes me smile! She is learning to tolerate him and he is learning to avoid her!

Gorgeous trio! 

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