Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Lockdown Day 79 - Shops

I'm not sure I should be using the title of Lockdown any more as for Matt and me life is pretty much back to normal without some of the fun things like meals out and agility shows! I'm very aware tho from speaking to family and clients that for many people it is still lockdown and they are in a strange work less limbo. Shops get to open again from Monday! I'm just listening to the daily Coronavirus briefing and Boris has literally announced this minute that we are allowed to have a 'support bubble' with another household that we can mingle with. This will be very good news for families that are struggling. Plus brilliant news for zoos and safari parks which will be allowed to open from Monday!! It must be such a relief for them as over 90% of their revenue comes from ticket sales.

I have been trying to train each dog once a week at the field to keep them ticking over. Brooke worked on Monday and was brilliant but I didn't film her like a numpty! Today I took Spark and tried a sequence that I have set up with normal handling and with distance handling. As expected she was a bit slower on the distance work but my aim for the summer is to speed up her understanding of moves like threadle wraps from a distance so I can get ahead of her more on a course. Sorry about the weird frame, its the only one I could find to fit the videos!!

After my walk on Monday I was excited to discover that Cafe Nero was open for takeaway coffee again!

Last week one of my lovely clients gave me a couple of paddling pools and Spark was straight in there!

It has rained today for the first time in ages so I dug out their waterproofs, it was wet for both of our walks today typically but I did manage to teach in the dry!

The bonus to the rain was the fields were empty!!

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