Monday, 12 August 2019

The KCI that wasn't...

We were supposed to have been at the Kennel Club International Festival on Saturday but it got cancelled very sensibly due to heavy rain and high winds. We spent the weekend at home doing a few jobs and did some training in the field as well. Sparkle had the all clear from the physio so it was nice to be back running her again! Bru managed to sequence weaves which was amazing!!

Bru has also been getting used to being bio-mag'd after training...he hates it!! This is the grumpiest he ever looks tho, he is so sweet!

I am lucky enough to teach someone with their own chickens and I get lovely free range eggs from her, imagine my delight in finding a double yoke on my Sunday morning brunch 🍳

Spark was on lead walks for the previous week and very cross about it but we did a few out about town things including a visit to Cafe Nero where we met this teeny yorkie! Spark looks like a giant but she is teeny for a collie!

The shelties spent the one sunny afternoon this week 'helping' in the garden, our tomatoes are coming on nicely. You can just about see them behind Bru

Brodie looking devastatingly handsome as usual!! 

And the ginger girls soaking up the sun! Our sunflowers are doing well again this year 🌻

Such a cute trio...they look like they are ordering drinks at a bar!

 This is more the scene from our walks this week, raincoats on again and a grumpy Brax!

And Sparks first off lead walk after the all clear...freedom!!

I baked a courgette cake at the weekend as we have sooooo many! It is very tasty! Lemon curd filling and buttercream icing....yummy! 

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