Monday, 27 February 2017

ESSC AGM and more Hoopers

Busy weekend doing a Hoopers workshop on the Saturday and we had the ESSC Working Section AGM on the Sunday. Brooke absolutely loved playing at Hoopers and was very excited! Matt and I both handled her and whereas he was running with her I was trying to send her more. She adapted to our handling styles really well! Here she is having some fun with Matt :-)

I want to do more with Sparkly and Toad as well as it improves your agility handling, helps the dog understand distance work and or course directional cues without having a do any jumping! I remember Natasha Wise saying once that a dog only has so many jumps in them and I rarely train mine at their full height. Also all of my dogs have to jump various heights at different organisations so adjusting their height in training is good practice. Anyway, I have gone off on a tangent!

Looks at these two, aren't they adorable?!

Sad news about our little Brax, she has been diagnosed with kidney failure :-( She already had thyroid issues, a hernia and a cataract bless her! We have changed her food to one that is low in phosphorus and she is eating better now. My Mum is coming down at the end of March which is very exciting and will cheer Brax up loads as she loves her Nanna!

The ESSC AGM went ok, as usual there wasn't many people there which was a shame. Look at this new trophy that someone has donated for Rally! Its handmade and so lovely!

Brodie got to pose with his rosettes for coming 3rd in the Grade 7 agility league last year and 1st in the Level 3 Rally league, what a dude!! 

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