Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Hot hot hot!

It has been so hot this week, it hit 34 degrees yesterday. My two have enjoyed paddling and lots of frozen kongs and sleeping!

Instead of sleeping in crates they have been all flaking out on the kitchen floor...they weren't in a hurry to go out for a walk this morning :-)

I went to Empingham on Friday with my two doglets. It is such a lovely show and the courses were tricky but fun. Spark had three almost runs where she got E'd in each one but worked so well and did bits I was so pleased with. Brodie did two jumping runs and came 3rd in C4-7 and won the G5-7. He was flying!! I jumped him over the new LHO as I feel at the age of 9 and given he is a small medium it is fair to save wear and tear on him. The trophies were cool! 

On Sunday we did teams at Rugby. Unfortunately I was the only team member that was eliminated which was gutting. I normally couldn't give two hoots about an E but was really upset that I had let everyone down. Toad had run like a rocket but did a one hit aframe (first time ever!) and I think it surprised him. Fingers crossed we can get it together next weekend! Annabel Stoate took these super pictures of flying Toad in teams!

And a little Brooke is a video of her agility work so far :-) 

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