Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A big wide world...

Brooke had her first proper off lead walk across the fields last week! I took her by herself in case she went mad but she just trotted along behind me and occasionally stop for a sniff. She was very good and a little overwhelmed by it!

Brooke had Brodies space at Rally class this week as we have a competition at the weekend! Very excited and a bit nervous as not sure how much attention I will get from Brooke bean :-)

Brodie wasn't talking to me after letting his wife steal his space at class...and I took spaniels to his agility lesson. Hope he forgives me once he gets to do two days of agility and a day of Rally at the weekend!

Spark has pretty much finished her season so is back on proper off lead walks again...she is very happy about it :-) We did have some sun this week...

and quite a lot of rain!

Thanks to everyone who has asked about little Brax. She is getting better slowly, eating much better and no sickness or bad tummy in the last couple of weeks. Hoping now to get some weight on her and get her fitter again. I love this pic of Matt and his ginger girls!

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