Thursday, 16 April 2015

No shows but some Bean adventures

We had a quiet weekend, no shows but did some training at the field and went for some nice walks. Some of my lovely J9 people were competing at Shuttleworth so I went along to watch and as usual they all made me very proud doing some lovely runs and coming away with some great results!

We have been trying to entertain Brooke with various things that tax her brain but keep her calm as she is so full of the need to run but can't be let off lead. We managed to get a thundershirt to fit her (yay!) to limit the amount she can move her shoulder sideways. It definitely seems to help. This was us shopping in the pet her to find some cage balls! She looks very scruffy at the moment due to losing her hair after the pups. It is slowly starting to grow back!

Modelling her new thundershirt in St Albans on a trip to the market

She also took Brodies place at Rally and was a very good girl! I took this while I was walking one of the courses and she was sitting watching one of the other dogs have a go. She was so good that I have been brave and entered her in a competition along with Brodie and Sparkle in May :-) 

And just to prove despite her lack of hair that she can still look pretty!

It has been so warm here over the past couple of days-the older two couldn't even pose properly! 

We have a few exciting days coming up! Hiring an indoor astroturf venue to practice contacts, a fun dog showing show and an agility show on Sunday! 

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