Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Beanie babies 4 weeks old!

I can't believe these gorgeous little puddings are a month old! What an incredible journey it is breeding a litter. A real rollercoaster of amazing moments and being utterly terrified!

The boys are now in a much bigger pen in the lounge and are either very active or fast asleep! They are gorgeous little hooligans :-) They are all brilliant little tuggers, very confident and very people friendly which is what I was really looking for in raising a litter. Oh and totally food motivated!!

Here are some up to date pics. They all have their proper names now so let me introduce...

Maverick (Mav for short) originally known as Gavin. Not the smallest any more but totally adorable! He still has a thing about sleeping with his left paw in the air :-) Don't be fooled by his cute face...he is a terror!

Squidge (was Smithy) - smallest pup now and never stays still unless fast asleep! Seems to have inherited his mums amazing flicky feet obedience trot which he shows off when he 'wins' a tuggy toy off a human!

Blaze (was Bryn) - Biggest boy and a real dude! Very mellow except for when he is playing, he really rags his toys!

Squidge and Blaze wearing their collars for the forst time. Obviously very stressed puppies!

All three enjoying one of their first meals (they have their own bowls now!) 

I had a day off from puppy sitting (thanks to my lovely Matthew!) and took Dolly and Brodie to a KC show at the weekend. They did really well considering the lack of training! Dolly managed a 2nd in C1-3 jumping which was such a lovely course. Her agility runs turned into training runs as it be came apparent that she had forgotten what to do on contacts a bit! Brodie was a superstar going clear in the C6-7 jumping and finishing out of the placings but with a decent time for a course that had a couple of straight lines. He came 6th in the C6-7 agility which was not really his sort of course but it was a challenge to run and he had a great time! Thanks to Jenni for filming this :-)


Didn't think we would get a sofa pic this early in the year! He looks tiny and tired in this photo but watching his kids wears him out!

As for Brax and Sparkle...not talking to each other again! 

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  1. Perfect puppies! Brodie and Dols were fab at the weekend :)