Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Celebration and UKA

We have had a lovely weekend and seemed to have planned it well weather wise! I taught on Friday in the sun all day which was lovely, off to Easter Celebration on Saturday and lazy day on Sunday when it chucked it down! Yesterday Jenni and I went off the UKA Easter show as Matt wasn't feeling great :(

It was only Brooke running at Easter Celebration out of our doglets but the rest enjoyed wandering round the rings. Sparkle seems to be able to cope with it much better now and hasn't (touch wood) screamed at a dog running yet! Matt and Brooke had three classes, two agility and a jumping. She came 2nd in her Graded agility with slightly held contacts and 8th in the combined agility as she came off her seesaw a bit early but then hopped around underneath it doing handstands! Her jumping run was a shame as she came out of the weaves. Here is her G1-5 agility video-love her seesaw!!

UKA Easter show had lovely weather too luckily! Jenni kindly offered to drive as we thought we would have a first go at doing teams with Chantal and Savannah (who is Brookes half sister). Our team was called the 'shouty shelties' as they do like to make a bit of noise round agility! In UKA teams each team member does an individual agility run and then you do a relay as a team with a baton. We had so much fun!! All three dogs did a quick clear in the individual run over their normal height of midi and the relay was run at toy height. Toy height with over-excited dogs was crazy but entertaining! As a team we had a refusal but were still quick. Didn't think in a million years that we would win but we did!! Off to the UKA Grand Finals in December-yay!! Thanks to my team mates and their shelties for such a fun day :)

Having their picture taken before the storm came! From l-r... Savannah, Rommy and Brodie. I love the fact that the two tri's look very serious and Rommy looks like he is laughing!

Brodie was so tired that he didn't notice Bracken getting into bed with him!

Brooke and Brodie with their results from the weekend-Matt is most excited about the fact that he won an Easter egg!! Sparkle kept trying to join in and I told her that she has to win her own rosettes to be allowed!


  1. Go team! Can't wait for grand finals now. They're going to be amazing. Rommy always looks a massive goof in pictures lol!

  2. Well done! Yip, cracking seasaw! Good Luck Shouty Shelties :)