Monday, 5 August 2013

Agility Pupdate

Matthew and I were off this week so we could do some training with the doglets and a couple of shows. The dogs have had a very tiring week and enjoyed having Matthew around - Brooke puppy is distraught that he went to work this morning. I have never seen her so miserable :(

On Wednesday we went to UKA Nationals and did Masters with Brodie and Brax and a couple of NFC runs with Brooke. She was brilliant, fast, focused and replicated her speed over the contacts that she gets in training-yay! Really pleased with little bean!

The Masters jumping was a really fun course but with loads of tunnel traps so Brodie and I got a big E but we did managed the tricky weave entry and pull through :) Brax had 5 on the weaves but her hatred of curvy tunnels stood her in good stead for the rest of it, lol!

The agility was a fantastic course as well - really testing obstacle discrimination but fast and flowing. Brodie just didn't have his head in gear and we had 10f at the weaves, 5r for a run past the seesaw (my fault for calling him too much) and then he landed on his head coming out of the cloth tunnel so I picked him up and took him out. He was a bit sore on his shoulder for a couple of days but seems fine now. Little Brax stormed round the agility getting 10 faults for VERY naughty dog walk and A frame but a stunning time which meant that she WON the Masters Overall!! This qualifies her for the Grand Finals in December, clever diddle! :)

Lots more to update but will have to wait as I'm running late now....!!


  1. Glad brodies feeling better now. Well done princess brax for her masters win :)

  2. Well done pocket rocket! Hope Brodie is feeling better.