Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Brooke is 2!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Brooke and her brother Sonic!! I can't believe that our little sable girly is 2 already - where did that time go? She has matured into a beautiful, clever girl who we totally adore. Thanks to Lian and of course Sing and Samber for our precious puppy :)

I just love this picture of Brooke - Lian's t-shirt says it all really!!

Just a selection of photos of Miss Brooke growing up - they all seem to be from the 'big pants' stage before she had her season. The Bridget Jones knickers appear to be making a comeback though!!

This was the three girls after being at AJAXS on friday - we were very wedged on the sofa. Fortunately Brodie doesn't care about the sofa as he gets too hot!

These are Brookes two nieces Rae and Tula having a play at AJAXS - this was before they got muddy!! They are soooo cute - Tula looks like Brax did as a puppy.

This is my friend Cathy riding Max pony a week ago. I have been unable to ride as I've damaged a ligament in my knee. I can just about run around with it strapped up but walking in deep mud and riding a wide pony are the two things that aggravate it. My wonderful osteopath banned me from riding for 5 weeks but I have lovely friends who have been enjoying riding Max for me :)

 Little Diva is doing well too - she has been getting some haylage as the wet weather has made the field very boggy. She prefers standing on it to eating it though! She is a good girly and loves cuddles.

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  1. Happy B'Day! Hope you had a lovely day! Biggest skirt i've ever seen :)