Friday, 19 October 2012

Poor ginger girlies :(

What a day of bad news :(  Brodie and Brooke saw the physio this morning for a general check over before doing too much winter training and the good news was that Brodie toad was given the all clear!! After blowing off a dog walk a few years ago I've been cautious about warm ups, stretches and not letting him get bowled over by other dogs (Brooke took him off his feet last year and hurt his back) This is also the first year that he has jumped Midi and not medium all season and the height suits him much better.

Anyway, bad news for Brooke puppy. She was very tight in her back and across her shoulders probably the result of a rough play injury as she has been whacked into a couple of times recently. Fortunately we haven't done much agility with her in the last couple of weeks due to lack of time. She has to have heat pads, stretching exercises and lead walks for ten days and then go back to the physio. Thinking about it she has been caught up to by dogs she usually out runs which is a sign I'd missed. I'm just relived that I got them checked as we could have put her off agility for life by training her when she was sore.

Bad news for Brax (but also good in a way) - turns out that she is suffering from hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid) so will be on tablets for the rest of her life. Good news is that we caught it and can start treatment. The vet said she'd be like a different dog on the tablets and may even go back to competing at toy height instead of micro once she feels better :) Its so great having a vet and physio who know about agility dogs!

(Thanks to Lian for the photos!)

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  1. They are so lucky to have a TLC mum & dad! Great about Brodie! Brook will love all the attention and will be bouncing in no time. Bracken I wasn't expecting that, at least you caught it quick and she'll be a lot better.