Sunday, 26 August 2012


I am doing a spot of dog juggling at the moment. Brooke has finally come into season at 17 months and obviously we are keeping her and Brodie under close supervision!! She had a lesson last wed and I had an inkling she may be thinking about a season. Glad to say that she worked like a star and doesn't seem to be hormonal at all, just a bit clingy! 

My Mum came down to visit us last weekend and we had a lovely but very hot time!! It was 29 degrees on the sunday so we didn't do much during the day but went to my Mum in laws for a BBQ in the evening which was our first (and possibly last!) of the year. Brooke decided to help Nana look something up on the computer!

The three amigos out on a walk just before Brooke decided to nip at Brax's ears to wind her up! Brodie looks really fat in this pic but its all fluff!

Princess Brooke at Heartwood - last off lead walk before her season started. We were out for a couple of hours and it was lovely :)

Brax looking incredibly cute! 

My handsome toad :)

Brooke and her fav ball.

Brodie founds something to roll in - this was him after and he didn't smell too good either! Brax would never dream about rolling but both Brooke and Brodie do - future puppy owners beware!!!

I went to a UKA show yesterday - Matthew was at work so it was just Dolly and Brodie competing and they did two classes each (no shows for Brooke for a while anyway). I did Beginners Gamblers with Dolly and missed out the weaves as they are not quite there yet but her contacts are reliable now and her fav thing. She did a seesaw in the ring for the first time very nicely and got to do 2 x AF and 2 x DW's so she was very pleased. I varied the length I held them and she nailed all of them perfectly so I was totally thrilled :) I'm so used to running contacts that I have to remind myself to stop as well! I entered her in the Beginners Steeplechase qualifier as well and I still can't believe that she WON it!! Clever spaniel was 100% focused and really enjoying herself. Brodie has qualified for the UKA Grand finals in Dec already so now I have two dogs to juggle over that weekend! Thanks so much to Kate for suggesting I run her as we are having so much fun!

My gorgeous little toad won his steeplechase as well and came 3rd in gamblers - yay!! Only a couple of points needed before he gets to Champ level in performance. Love my boy! :)

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