Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Brooke Balance and Coordination Workshop

Brooke went to her first winter workshop on saturday, Balance and Coordination by Hannah Banks. It was very well run and informative and the dogs really enjoyed themselves - thanks Hannah! As an observer it was obvious how their confidence and balance got better and they started to think things through rather than dashing into everything at 100mph. I'm going to do some of the exercises with Brax too as she isn't that well balanced and goes at everything like a bull in a china shop :)

Brooke doing the wobble board, you can see that she worked out to sit in the centre as that was where she was most stable - clever pup

Brooke getting the hang of walking through the ladder SLOWLY! Slower the better for exercises like this as they can't use their momentum to cheat and jump through

We also have been proofing her waits now that she understands what is required of her. Lots of rewards for not moving while me and Matthew jump around like lunatics! :) She is really getting to grips with it, even with distractions.

I'm loving the fact that its now November and the sun is out, its mild and fairly dry at the moment. I took this pic along the canal as the leaves were so striking.

Brodie and Brooke at St Albans market waiting for Matthew - look at that ear fuzz on Brooke!!

Sleeping beauties!! Awww :)

Brooke taking over the sofa

Look what clever Brodie got in the post!


  1. Awww she is such a daddy's girl! Think I need to try these on Ellie she is the same! Great pics of the all :)

  2. Clever girl! She did very well, not like crazy Sonic wants to go 100mph LOL

    Can't wait to see her!!!