Monday, 24 October 2011

Obedience Show

Its very rare that the Burdett shelties do obedience shows but I think its great for them to do for a change - very different from agility in so many ways but attention and focus with distractions around is vital in both. Motivation and the dog WANTING to work with you is important in both and its great groundwork for a young dog to get ring experience with judges, stewards, dogs barking, etc

Brodie and Brax have done bits of obedience before but it was Brooke's first time in the ring and we hadn't done masses of work on her stays so she didn't do them. Her heelwork was lovely despite the odd distraction and she held her wait and even managed the finish! What a superstar puppy :) Love her! She didn't get placed but she got her first ever rosette. The judge gave her a special rosette for her lovely heelwork and for showing so much potential at 7 months - you might say we were a bit proud of her! Here is her test - sorry about the video shaking, I was quite nervous for them!

Brodie and Brax did really well too, Brax got a 6th in Pre Beginners, 2nd in Beginners and Brodie came 4th in Beginners (only 0.4 marks behind Brax!) Very pleased with how they worked, particularly Brodie as he had a chunk of hair taken out of him by a show dog on the way into the venue :( No apology from owner and although Brodie was a bit worried at the time, he worked nicely in the tests. In Novice he did well in his test but lay down in his sit stay as I think he was quite tired by then. We are doing an obedience training day with all three of them in a few weeks time which will be interesting!!

Talking of training days, we have some fab agility ones booked up for wee Brooke! Coordination, balance, motivation, drive and basic obstacles are some of the things we'll be focussing on. I'll try and keep the blog up to date as to how we get on.
These cute pics were taken by my sister on holiday - thanks Amy!!


  1. OMG! What a clever little girlie! That's really amazing for a 7 month old puppy to do such great work. I am so proud of her!! Now, can you come and train Sonic for me :)

    Also very well done to Brax and Brodie and poor Brodie has a few hair less! Hope he is ok? Brooke will kiss him better :D

  2. What a lovely trot and stay! Brilliant for being a youngster! Can I just say loved the commentary :) WTG Bracken & Brodie as well :) Hope Brodie is okay. Why do some people find it hard to apologise (Karma will bite them)