Sunday, 3 July 2011

Brooke 15 weeks

Brooke had her first training session at the agility arena today. We didn't do much as it was very hot but she had a great time!! I was really pleased with how she wasn't fazed at all by the barking dogs in the kennels or Brax whinging for her turn! Brooke did restrained recalls through jump wings (no poles on ground) as well as sending her on to her tuggy toy through the wings. We did a straight tunnel a few times which she loved, here is a short clip of her doing a tunnel

We also propped the see saw on a jump wing and fed her while she gently wobbled on the low end. This didn't bother her at all, mainly I think as she loves her wobble cushion at home. We kept it short and sweet and although she seemed keen to do more, I held her in the shade while Brax had a run round with Matthew. Brooke voiced her opinion about this so in this video clip of Brax running round, it may be best to turn the sound down!!

After Brax had run round, she was really hot and panting quite hard. Normally is VERY rare to see Brax pant, even after doing a run on a hot day at a competition but this picture made me laugh - what a long tongue!!!

Brooke's ears are starting to threaten going bolt upright this week! Her right one stuck up a bit and went down again, sure sign that she is starting to teeth. Poor girly :( She has also had a growth spurt this week and looks a bit lanky again. Still not quite as big as Brax but catching up! We have been doing a couple of new tricks this week like walking backwards, roll over, retrieve and leave it to add to sit, down, wait and standing on things like small boxes and her wobble cushion. I am hoping to video these at some stage.
Brooke is such happy little puppy and we couldn't imagine being without her now. She is such a special girlie and she makes us constantly smile at her antics! Brooke has decided that Brodie is the best big brother ever and spends ages chasing around with him and licking his face! He is very patient with her and lets her take anything off him, big wimp that he is. We took all three of them on a lovely walk early yesterday morning and Brooke met some more dogs. At the moment we are letting her walk for about 15-20 mins and then carrying her as I'm always paranoid about overdoing it. She was tired after being a social butterfly and slept solid for a couple of hours having loud twitchy dreams :)

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  1. Awwwwwww how cute is she (looking forward to meeting her) so funny when they get to that "lanky" stage LOL! Not phased by the tunnel :) Bracken is zooming there :)