Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bretford Show and Big Changes!!

This blog is a bit late but we have had a bit of a stressful week thanks to Brax coming down with gastroenteritis :( She had a long stay at the vets and has come home on four different types of liquid to be syringed down her throat throughout the day - not easy with such a small wriggly dog!! The vet doesn't know what caused it and all the tests including blood came back clear - we think it maybe something she ate. She can be a scavenger but generally she has cast iron guts!

Brodie on the other hand has been feeling fine and is fit and raring to go at the moment. Good thing too as he has his first champ classes coming up soon - yay!!! I'm really looking forward to trying a really testing course - watch this space :) Brodie did a couple of good runs at Bretford show he came 3rd in the C6-7 jumping and WON the grade 7 agility. I was so proud of him as there were some incredibly good G7 dogs there. Thanks to Paul Bell who shot this video of Brodie - well done to his Beagle Chester who is now Grade 2 due to 3 fab wins at Bretford :)

Other important news is that I have taken the hard decision to become self employed. I have been working at the kennels for seven years and felt it was time for a new challenge. I going to dust off my brain cells and do a diploma in canine massage whilst carrying on with some training (agility and other), behavioural consultations and dog walking. I'm really looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings!

Which brings me on to some more exciting news!! Brodie and Brax will be joined by another small furry after the World Champs, Matthew and I just can't wait!! Matthew is off today doing a puppy visit to see our newest addition while I get to practice my aim with a syringe full of probiotics :-D (Hopefully some photos to follow assuming Matthew can stop playing puppies long enough to take a couple!!) Thanks so much to her breeder Lian Knight for doing such a good job socialising her, also many thanks to Lian for taking some wonderful pics of my two when we went to visit.

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  1. Well done Brodie, way to start G7! Awww poor Bracken, hope she feels better soon. Lot's of change ahead good luck! You'll be busy with the gorgeous puppy :)