Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Meet Ash!

No not a puppy quite yet!! (Fingers crossed not long to go though - watch this space!!! :D) The photo is of Megan (who owns Hattie the terrier) and her new pony Ash who is an Arab x Dartmoor. He is only a baby and until a few days ago was totally wild as he was herded up from a hill in Dartmoor destined for slaughter. Megan has worked really hard to get him used to her and he has gone from running away from every human to being stroked due to her hard work and patience. He loves his pink food bucket! Ash really has landed on his feet being owned by such a lovely person who is sooooo dedicated to all her animals. You can follow his progress on her blog Ash's diary

Below is one of the pics that I took of Matthew and Brax for their England team profiles. I think its so cute of Brax on the end of the seesaw :)

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  1. LOL good idea with the seasaw! Now is she showing her proflie side :) Good Luck to you both.