Monday, 15 November 2010

Brodie Training

We took the shelties to the kennels yesterday to do a bit of training as we have been finding it difficult to get to group training - we seem to be chasing our tails at the moment! We had a couple of goals to work on with each dog, both needed practice on contacts with tunnels underneath but Brodie needed some tricky weave entries and Brax needed some A frame contacts and gridwork.

Here are a couple of videos of Brodie running. The first is trying to get him more independent finding weaves entries at 90 degree angles. The first time he does the weaves I help him quite a lot but the second time I let him go off more by himself. You can see on the video that he is more hesistant without his mummy there!

The second video is us just having a run round, practising a couple of crosses but mainly to speed up his seesaw which was done with the help of cheese! I also worked Brodie doing obstacle discrimmination with the tunnel wrapped round one end of the A frame. He did have a couple of times where he got it wrong but generally was better when I only gave him a verbal command and hung back to let him make the decision.


  1. Thanks for sharing the videos. I don't do agility due to Eva's weak hind legs but am interested in it. Always enjoy watching the agility videos from bloggers!

    I think you and Brodie did well in the practice!

  2. Thanks Priscilla, I like having videos of the dogs as I can see where I can improve my handling. Sometimes it all goes wrong though - I have lots of funny videos that I'll have to put on the blog :)

  3. Clever Brodie :) He has done so well this season (& than handler too) :)