Monday, 9 November 2009

I did a really fun Trec competition yesterday with Max and my friend Kate on her horse Speedi (who also happens to be Max's girlfriend!) Its basically an obstacle course with points awarded or penalties deducted for how you tackle each obstacle. The lovely thing is it is soooo relaxed, nobody gets dressed up for it and every shape and size of horse can have a go. Some of the obstacles include a narrow corridor of poles to ride through (without touching the poles), going under simulated low tree branches, riding over a bridge, going over a ditch, bending in and out and immobility. There is also a control of paces section where you have to canter as slowly as possible and walk back as fast as possible. Max absolutely loved going out with Speedi and they got a 5th in their pairs (mainly because Speedi can canter beautifully slowly!!) and Max and I got 5th in the indivdual competition. Wow didn't expect that!! He was a superstar though as nothing fazes him (apart from the scary people in the hedge outside the school!)

Here is the pair of them sharing hay-it has to be said that Max doesn't normally share ANY food!! The other picture was after they had finished and they look shattered!!

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