Monday, 24 September 2012

Brooke 18 months!

Matthew had a much deserved week off this past week and although I was still doing walks, I didn't do any training as such so we could spend some time together. It also meant that we could do some training with our dogs as Brooke hadn't done much while in season.

We went to Ajaxs UKA show on the sunday and while Matthew ran Brooke and Bracken, I ran Brodie, Dolly and a little terrier called Jenson. I have never done 6 runs in one day before and my legs were soooo stiff the next day! Jenni came with Rommy as well so it was a nice day out seeing friends and cheering each other on! Rommy did some lovely weaves nfc and also WON the beginners steeplechase! Dolly came 2nd to Rommy with a slightly scrappy clear in the steeplechase (I need to front cross faster!) Little Jenson got 4th place in steeplechase as well so all clever doglets! Videos of the above runs are on YouTube

Brodie ran in the Masters but unfortunately due to bad mummy got E'd on jump 5/6. My (very bad!) excuse is that we haven't done much champ level training this year and need to go and do some homework! Here is his jumping run - I was pleased with his weaves particularly as many dogs took the jump rather than doing weaves. Unfortunately the agility video is really bad and had to get binned as Matthew was holding a dog at the same time and its really wobbly!!

Brooke ran nfc in steeplechase and nursery which meant we could reward her first attempts at contacts in the ring. Here is her nursery run - thanks to Henry for filming!

The shelties went to have their photos taken professionally on thursday by Cat Clark (Dog Rad Design) as part of Matthews wedding anniversary pressi from me. I can't wait to see them as the shelties loved posing and Cat took some amazing ones of Brooke's running dog walk :)

This past weekend we went to UKA again so that Brooke could try weaves in the ring as she turned 18 months on the 19th - wow time flies! She did casual agility first and did a cracking dog walk and weaves first time. In jumping she got her entry in the weaves but was going a bit fast and popped out again but got them second time. It's so nice being able to reward baby dogs in the ring. She is still easily distracted and lacks a bit of confidence but is getting better each time :) Brodie did Masters jumping and got E'd (only 3 clears across all four heights!!) but I was so pleased with how he worked. We didn't stay for the agility as they were only setting it up at 6.15pm and we had a 2 hour journey home!!

We spent our anniversary morning doing a little bit with Brooke and Brodie at the field - Matthew and I both agreed that it was the perfect way to spend time together! He is so lovely, my pressi was a brand new tunnel!! Brodie did some gridwork to get him to extend his stride a bit and I also tried him over some KC height jumps which he managed fine, I was worried as he hasn't done that height all year. Brooke had loads of fun doing some Aframes and rear cross work - here are a couple of videos.

Rear cross wing wrap - if you look closely you can see she is putting in a check stride to get a tighter turn

Brooke A frame sequence

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  1. Oh that was a shame with Brodie. Think I'm gonna' call Brooke "The Flying Skirt" LOL!