Sunday, 31 May 2020

Lockdown Day 69 - Wisdom

We have had a nice weekend, busy but relaxing! We are still getting our heads round having no shows and missing seeing everyone but the nice weather is helping to take our minds of it and in the grand scheme of things agility isn't that important really! The virus is not spreading as rapidly as it was but the death toll yesterday was still over 300 people. Although the lockdown needs to be eased it is worrying that the scientific advisers to the government think its too soon. We can now meet outside in groups of up the six from different households as long as we maintain social distancing.

I saw this posted by a wise friend on Facebook and wanted to share it. This strange situation has caused a lot of worry and anxiety and many of us are craving to be 'normal' again.

Over the weekend we have walked, BBQ'd and gardened! Here are a few photos I took 😁

Look how cracked and dry the ground is!

Our newly discovered fields to walk round! 

First strawberries!

Toad got stuck behind the pots!! 

The three wise monkeys!

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