Thursday, 14 May 2020

Lockdown Day 52 - Eggs

I'm very excited to be seeing my clients again and catching up with them, its the longest I've not seen them for and some of them I have been teaching for over ten years! One of my lovely ladies gives me a box of eggs on a regular basis, I just love the colours of the eggs (the photo doesn't do them justice as the one bottom left is a pale creamy colour, one of the middle ones is greenish blue and one is blue!) and the eggs all have which hen laid them written on them! 

We went for a chilly but sunny walk this morning, it makes me laugh watching Bru and Spark from behind as they have such spitz like tails! 

 I did a bit of patio weeding as the sun came out and it was warmer, the dogs all took the opportunity to have a lazy snooze on the patio...except for Toad who was too busy chasing pigeons out of his garden!

I also did a little bit of mat work with Spark as Bean did some agility yesterday and Bru is going to do some with Matt soon when he finishes work. The mat for those not in the know is basically a foot target that is used for a running contact on a dog is hard to see what she is doing with her feet unless its in slow motion. Bru is even harder as he is little and hairy!! 

Talking of Bru he is on the sofa next to me and I just took some photos of him...the many faces of Rupert! 💛

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