Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Lockdown Day 58 - Even hotter!!

So the good news is that there has been no new Coronavirus cases in London in the past 24 hours! On the flip side of that the death toll for the last 24 hours is 235 people. That is a lot of families and friends who have lost loved ones 😢 I'm guessing that the virus isn't maybe thriving so much because of the current temperatures that we are having. It was 27 degrees this afternoon! Sadly we decided it was too hot to work the dogs and I was melting working this morning so we all had a relaxed afternoon instead. The other news today is that Captain Tom Moore will be given a knighthood from the Queen for his efforts raising £33 million for the NHS charities!!

Toad and I went in the garden before 7am to do the watering and have a cuppa (yes I like milky tea!!) The mug isn't quite true at the moment as Toad is retired but hopefully it will be true again sometime!

The lettuce is growing well thanks to the ugly balloons!!

Plant nursery is coming on well too!

We had lunch in the garden and the dogs were mooching for Matts lunch!

More flowers coming out now, loving the different colours! 

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