Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Lockdown Day 64 - Holiday

So we are off work this week as we would have been at Quadpaws which is a bit sad as its one of our favourite shows. Luckily the weather is on our side and we have had glorious sunshine! It has been great for Matt to have time to train his doglets, we have done a couple of short sessions on the dog walk down plank to practise his turns. To be honest all the mat and plank work in the garden has paid off so much as he definitely understands the game without loads of reps on a dog walk! No video of Bru but Brooke had a go and really enjoyed her play in the field 💚

The rest of the day has been spent in the garden pottering around. Matt tried to trim our little bushes...supervised by Mr Toad!

Our shrub above the pond (no clue what it is!) has got pretty blossom on it now!

Harvesting the old beetroots

We finished today off with a BBQ! It was still really hot!

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