Monday, 9 October 2017

Last few shows...and Bru is 5 months!

Bru bear is now 5 months old! He has been upgraded to the next puppy class and goes to the first time tomorrow, hopefully he will cope with being in with the big dogs :-) His little cockapoo girlfriend Rosie is going as well so he will have a friend there! He is still only walking with either Brodie and/or Brax so he doesn't learn naughty barky habits from the other two!!

Our waits are getting better! 

At the show at the weekend we met his brother Fsmo, they definitely remembered each other which was cute and they had a little play together

Sparkle has been in season so no agility playing for her which she was very annoyed about! She is now on her agility holiday. I think its important for them to have a break so they get some down time.

So Brodie and Brooke are the only two that have been doing anything, we went to Dog Vegas two days this last weekend and they did so well. We even had a dog swap and both got placed!! Brooke is being spayed this week so she will be on holiday as well. We have no more shows until sheltie show at the end of October (Brodie will do a couple of runs) and then we'll do an independent show middle of November where we can reward some contacts and weaves

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bru gets legs!

Not only is Bru getting legs but he is getting his adult hair on his spine...known as the reverse mohican! He is 19.5 weeks and is currently 3.6kg (on the kitchen scales!) and just over 11.25 " in height. His ears are still arguing with tipping...we will persevere for now! He has done his first puppy workshop at the dog barn on the Chirag Patel puppy instructors workshop. He had a great time and even got given a couple of perfect fit is yellow!! 

He is currently only walking by himself or with Brax as he occasionally has a little woof at random people so we don't want him to walk with Brooke or Spark who can get barky about certain dogs or cats. He has been happily going off lead on his walks and his recall is good so far. He is booked in for a puppy workshop with Leah Gardner and Nancy Hudson in October, a trick training workshop with Ashleigh Butler and in November he has a Craig Ogilvie play workshop. It will do him good to work around various dogs in different places :-) 

The older dogs had an Adams three weeks ago and my two did really well! Brooke was off work with a sore rib but has had treatment and has come back flying :-) After a couple of weeks not doing much we went to Fab Surrey this weekend and they were all nuts! Had some lovely courses and all three had some great runs. Videos are on my Youtube channel. 

Monday, 21 August 2017

Kennel Club Festival and 16 week old Bru

Bru is now 16 weeks old and has had little adventures down to the rings at shows. He seems totally at ease so far with the environment which is great! We are being careful to take him by himself at the moment as we don't want him to learn bad habits from our others (who are mostly good but can occasionally bark at dogs running!)

At KCI (Kennel Club International Agility Festival...biggest agility show in Europe) Bru met up with his breeder and brother Sirius who he loves! He also had a play with two of his littermates Gap and Zooma, they had fun beating each other up!!

Brooke had a issue running up to KCI as I had stupidly (still kicking myself) thrown a ball for her in training and she had skidded and rolled onto her shoulder and was lame. A trip to physio revealed that she had put her first rib out and was sore in her neck. She did compete at KCI but wasn't quite right in the jumping so she is on rest for a bit longer.

Spark has never gone clear at KCI before and this year excelled herself! We had 5f in the weaves in the British open jumping and managed to come 2nd out of 232 dogs in the agility which qualified her for the semi final in the main ring! We got E'd in the semi but she ran so well and didn't disgrace herself in champ either coming 6th in the jumping and having 10f in the agility (a refusal and then a pole)

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Brookes first champ and Brodie wins Fab Final!

I'm a bit behind in updates but will try and not waffle on too much! The two younger girls did champ at the Agility Club show with Matthew and both did really well. They both got E'd in the agility round but at least it highlighted a couple of points we need to work on. They both struggled to find the wall as the second part of a pull thru and the weave entry was a toughie! But on the upside they both did nice contacts :-)

In the jumping round they both ended up as the fastest 5 (Spark with a pole and Brooke with a refusal) so nice to know they are right up there time wise! Looking forward to KCI now although slightly nerve wracking as its sooooo big! Brodie was also a star getting a clear despite me missing the course walking! The runs are all on my Youtube page but here is Brooke in action

Last weekend we went to FAB Surrey, it was great to NFC some contacts in the ring with Spark! Brodie had two runs, senior agility and the senior jumping final. My superstar boy won both!!

Spark had a pole down in the IFCS jumping but was only a second off the winners time which happened to be Matthew running Helens Toby!! We both failed at snooker unfortunately! Brooke wasn't running at FAB due to a little tweak that has been sorted luckily. Brax and Bru had fun pottering around...between rain showers! 

These are screenshots from our finals run but the top one sums up how much we love running agility together!! <3 p="">

And here is Bru's most recent video showing what he has been up to!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Little video pupdate!

The doglets had a great couple of days at Adams over the weekend and came away with some great places! Brodie was my little dude as always, all clear rounds bar one where I did something silly, Brooke won and came 2nd in jumping classes but managed some lovely contacts in the agility. Spark and I didn't go clear at all but very pleased with how she worked and no poles in any runs...woohoo!! She managed a 2nd in jumping with Matt :-)

And here is a little Bru video :-) 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Photo shoot and Just Dogs Live

On Saturday we went for a photo shoot with Cat Clark of Dinobark Digital to help Sparkle get over her fear of cameras and get some agility pics of Brooke (photographers never seem to get her at shows!) and of course some puppy pictures of Bru! Here are a few of the pictures :-) 

On Sunday we went to Just Dogs Live RVA agility show. It was fantastic having lower height for Toad and Brooke! They won a jumping class each and Brooke did some lovely contacts in her agility run :-) Spark and I had our first experience of being booted out of a ring haha! I hadn't heard the briefing when he judge saying please don't put your dog back on contacts...oops! Spark and I got it together in her jumping and got 4th although I'm kicking myself for not taking the faster risky route. Bad handling decision on my part! Brooke and Spark both have a couple of champs coming up so will be working on some specific skills training over the next couple of lessons :-)

Bru is such a little dude! He met up with his brother Gap and half sister Swift at JDL and had a play. He didn't seem bothered at all about being at a show bless him! Here are a couple of pics

Friday, 7 July 2017

Bru 8-10 weeks and Banbury Rally

Bru has settled in so well and has had a lot of adventures since he arrived here with us. My Mum has been staying so he loved hanging out with Nana! I have made a video of his first two weeks with us :-)

The older dogs have been very good with Bru, Brooke absolutely adores him, Brodie and Brax are indifferent and Sparkles nose is a bit out of joint as she isn't the baby anymore!

Brodie, Brooke and Spark went to Rally at Banbury at the weekend. It was Brookes first Level 3 and she was amazing getting a score of 203 and coming 2nd!!

 Spark was brilliant in her first Level 4 and got an 'excellent' score of 196 and came 7th (placed to 6th) just behind Toad. He scored 198 so ow only needs one more qualifying score to go to Level 5!

Its been really hot this week so the doglets have spent most of the time sprawled out!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Bru is home and Harry Potter!

My friends Cathy, Annabel and I went to the Harry Potter tour on friday, it was amazing! So much to see and despite being there for three and a bit hours it felt like we only scratched the surface!

Although I hate my photo being taken I couldn't resist a platform 9 3/4 picture!

The model of Hogwarts is breath taking!!

In other news we collected Bru on Thursday 22nd June :-) He has been taken under his wing by Auntie Bean who is motherly enough to let him suckle! She is such a sweetie :-)

On Saturday he went into St Albans in the morning and we had coffee out and carried him around the market. He met some lovely people for cuddles in Cafe Nero!

Time to recharge the batteries as he went out to a BBQ Saturday evening!

Just to add to the chaos of having a new puppy we also had Bailey collie staying! They enjoyed going out for walkies to have some peace and quiet!

We have been playing around with putting front feet on things, sit, nose touches and lots of play so far. He is keen and up for it but not very foody at the moment so will keep going with his toy play as he loves to tug!

As far as agility goes we have hardly done any! Their last show was 10th June and due to temperatures in the 30's last week I haven't done much with them training wise. Off to a show tomorrow so goodness knows what will happen but the break has probably done them good :-) 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

So much news!!

Finding out that someone other than my Mum reads my blog has spurred me on to write a post! I don't however know where to start as so much has happened in the last month...I have been to Scotland twice, done my first champ class with Spark, had some lovely family get togethers and found the next canine member of our family! 

So we went up to Scotland with the dogs to see my Dad and go to SKC show which was at Ingliston. Weird being back there as we used to show ponies there! It was also mine and Sparks first ever champ class...eeek! My goal was to not get E'd in at least one of the rounds and she smashed that and won the champ jumping round!! Super Sparkalina! :-D I couldn't believe it! We got E'd in the agility but stayed on to support Lian in the final and Brooke's brother Sonic...worth staying as they won the ticket!!!

Here is Sparks jumping run

The doglets also enjoyed racing around on the beach next to my Dads!

Next trip away was me on my own up to see my Mum and sister. I owe so much to Matthew for looking after the dogs so I could go and have some girly time away! We saw Sister Act at the theatre which was amazing and had some super walks and meals, very special and lots of lovely memories.

Mum and I at Fyvie castle

Amy and Mum at Tyrebagger forest 

 Apart from all the travelling around we have done a few shows down here as well, the doglets are running really nicely. Brooke has been starting to do agility runs in the ring and is getting placed consistently when she goes clear. Brodie at 10.5 is loving the lower height classes and approves of the new 5m spacing as does Spark who is much happier now she can power on through a course more. Did a show yesterday at Bitz n Bobz and they were such clever doglets! Toad and Beans puppies are now 2.5 years old and the two tri's are Grade 4 and Squidge has just gone Grade 5! Maverick has been to stay this weekend and loves seeing his folks :-D

From L-R Sparkle, Brooke, Brodie, Rommy and Squidge who all got placed at Bitz! Go J9-ers!

Maverick looking embarrassed at his dippy parents!!

And in more exciting news we have a new addition coming shortly! This is Licosateria Final Frontier (who doesn't have a pet name yet but is currently called Pickle!) He is six weeks old at the moment and is Brooke's nephew. Sad that we won't be having a Braxway boy of our own but this is a cousin to the boys and will be Matthews to train and run. He is just adorable and very naughty!!!