Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bru gets legs!

Not only is Bru getting legs but he is getting his adult hair on his spine...known as the reverse mohican! He is 19.5 weeks and is currently 3.6kg (on the kitchen scales!) and just over 11.25 " in height. His ears are still arguing with tipping...we will persevere for now! He has done his first puppy workshop at the dog barn on the Chirag Patel puppy instructors workshop. He had a great time and even got given a couple of perfect fit is yellow!! 

He is currently only walking by himself or with Brax as he occasionally has a little woof at random people so we don't want him to walk with Brooke or Spark who can get barky about certain dogs or cats. He has been happily going off lead on his walks and his recall is good so far. He is booked in for a puppy workshop with Leah Gardner and Nancy Hudson in October, a trick training workshop with Ashleigh Butler and in November he has a Craig Ogilvie play workshop. It will do him good to work around various dogs in different places :-) 

The older dogs had an Adams three weeks ago and my two did really well! Brooke was off work with a sore rib but has had treatment and has come back flying :-) After a couple of weeks not doing much we went to Fab Surrey this weekend and they were all nuts! Had some lovely courses and all three had some great runs. Videos are on my Youtube channel. 

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