Thursday, 17 May 2018

Brus dog walks and champs

I don't really want to be updating my blog, its been a horrid week in so many ways and I really don't want to have to say anything about it so I will focus on the positives. Starting on a little negative however in that Spark came into season a month early which means that she missed Vyne and Beacon champ classes. Hatton Rally was cancelled cos of the rubbish weather so at least she didn't miss out on that at least!

Brooke has had a case of 5 fault-itis in three out of four of her champ runs over the two shows. One of the 5's was a mystery as we had no idea what she did wrong and it was a beautiful run!

And in both of her runs at Beacon she ran past a tunnel!

Brodie was awesome at Beacon and qualified again in 2nd place for the LHO steeplechase qualifier! He loves the fast flowing courses :-) He had a lovely jumping run at Vyne as well but was out of the places

And little Bru has been a superstar, he had a go at Hoopers at Vyne show and worked so well!

Bru has also had his first time doing mat work on a dog walk plank, he is really working it out nicely

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Wallingford and Rally

We had a busy weekend doing agility at Wallingford on the Saturday and Rally at Best Paw Forward on the Sunday. The girls were on fire at agility! Spark repeated a feat only done once before (doesn't bode well for champ!) and went clear in all three of her runs getting a 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Brooke bean won a jumping too 😊 Brodie was the last to run and was very over excited by the time we actually got to the ring...he went like a rocket but got a refusal!

Sparks jumping win

Brookes jumping win

On Sunday went off to Rally and the shelties had the best time! It was Bru's first competition and I had no idea what he was going to do but he was fantastic! He managed to score 199 (out of 210) and was just out of the placings. Brooke came 4th in her second Level 3 with an 'excellent' score of 195 and Brodie won Level 4 with score of 199! He now has three excellent scores so moves into Level 5 and has his RL4.Ex title after his name.

Brodies line up! Trust him not to be looking 😂

Bru's Level 1 course

Bru's first ever score sheet!

Monday, 9 April 2018

Wye Valley

First champ show of the season and we had serious doubts about running when we turned up at the showground! Despite the show deciding the ground was fine when we got there is was pretty boggy in day parking and as we walked over to the champ ring our hearts sank as it was muddy where people had been walking the course. After watching a few people run and slip everywhere we decided football boots were the best option and actually it was ok with studs on. The dogs line was fine and I didn't see any of the dogs slip, only some that were very reluctant to run over the patch of mud by the tunnel! Spark and me got E'd because I totally lost connection with her and didn't work a jump but she did all the hard bits really well!! Brooke was amazing apart from forgetting how to weave, the rest was perfect! 😂

The agility course was lovely too, sadly I missed Brookes run as it clashed with Brodies steeplechase run. She was a good girly and only got marked 5f on the dw which meant she made it through to her first champ final! Spark ran lovely again and just one oopsie from me where I trusted her to take the dw a bit too much! Her contacts and weaves were great again tho, I quick released her seesaw and then tested her dog walk stop and she nailed it! 

Brodie won the LHO steeplechase qualifier so he has a place in the finals in August! Not bad for an 11 year old, he loved all the tunnels! 

Brookes champ finals run was so good (and nerve wracking to watch!) She had some faults but ran nicely and we know that homework is weave entries, tunnel commitment and dog walks! So lovely to see her running at all given the last couple of years, she is one special girly! Nice that a sheltie won the ticket and Brookes little brother Tye won the reserve :-D 

They were all shattered!!

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Lots of Birthdays and a show!

Little Bru dude has turned 11 months 😎 He is such a fun puppy and picks things up really quickly. Here he is in a lesson from a couple of weeks ago

Brooke has turned 7 years old which is crazy as it feels like yesterday that we picked her up! She spent part of her birthday at her Grandma Lians house and got to see puppies and her brother Sonic

Brax turned 13 last weekend and had the best day going as she saw my Mum (aka Nanna) She also had her hair done recently by her auntie Jenni as her chest beard was getting very impressive!! She looks much smarter now!

The morning of Braxs birthday we went to Paws at Play show to reward some contacts. Brooke won her jumping run and pushed Brodie into 2nd!! How rude 😂

We have had a couple of days of sun and it was amazing! Nothing can describe how truly dreadful this winter has been, it has been wet, cold, snowy and miserable. I can't wait for more sunshine! 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

ESSC AGM and snow stops play (again!)

Last weekend we went to the ESSC Working Section AGM. As trophy secretary I have to give out the annual awards. There are trophies for agility, obedience, working trials, junior handler, rally and veteran dog and some of them are sooooo old! I'm giving up this year as have been doing it for 7 years but wanted a pic of all the trophies together.

The league rosettes are presented there too. Brodie won the L4 Rally league and came 4th in G7 agility and Brooke bean came 2nd in L2 Rally league and 6th in G7 agility. I'm biased but what talented doglets!

 Its been so cold here, this was the start of the week when we were doing pyjama walkies with a sprinkling of snow

And this was a few days later! A thick covering of snow again, we have had so much this year! 

Not that Spark is complaining as she looooves the snow!

Brax isn't so impressed by it! We cleared her a little path to get to the garden :-)

Bru thought it was amazing fun!

These two are snow monsters as well, Brooke likes to do zoomies in it and Brodie uses his nose as a snow plough!

As a result the snow we were supposed to be at this weekend has been cancelled which although its a shame is so sensible! Hopefully we will get some nicer weather again soon, I hate not being able to work!

Friday, 23 February 2018

Brodie turns 11, Bru 9 months and wow is it cold!

So since moving house we have been up to our eyeballs sorting stuff out! Working has been very sporadic as the weather has had it in for me this year it seems. Training the dogs has been a struggle, I have so far had two lessons this year and was despairing of ever getting ready for the show season and so I booked a lesson with Amanda Pigg. I worked Spark and Bru and they were brilliant! It was so nice to get back to doing stuff! This is Bru's longest sequence to date, he is almost 10 months old and loving his agility <3 p="">

Bru would like to point out that gingerbread pj's are cool!

We have been trying to keep the doglets fit and doing bits when we can. We went to Paws at Play a couple of weeks ago and rewarded contacts and weaves in the ring and did Kelluki last weekend. Brooke won a couple of jumping classes and Brodie came 2nd in one! Spark managed to tumble over a jump and is off work after having physio this week. Luckily nothing serious and despite rolling, geting 10f and wasting over ten seconds she came third!! 

The other news is that my beautiful, cuddly perfect boy is 11 now. How lucky was I when he came into my life?! He has been the most perfect wonderful dog and I love him so much! 

Monday, 22 January 2018

January wash out :-(

I can't remember January ever being so disgusting before, it hasn't stopped raining for what feels like weeks and its been impossible to work much. The dogs have been filthy on their walks and I've given in and ordered Toad a fleece onesie! This is Brax and Brooke in my agility field with a river running through it. Brax actually is that white, its not just the photo! It is almost a year since her kidney failure diagnosis and she is doing so well.

In the meantime to prevent muddy tummy and legs Toad has been wearing Brookes Captain Kirk jumper, he looks so funny! The boys aren't bothered about getting wet at all! 

And Miss Sparkle is a bit of a bog monster for a pink princess!

The only one not snuggling is Toad, he gets too hot!

An rare picture of some blue sky!!

Have you seen my big boy teeths?!

Matt doing some balance work with Brooke, all the shelties wanted a go!

We managed to get to a couple of shows recently, Spark and I went yesterday and she came 2nd in C4-7 agility with a held seesaw and also did a perfect running dog walk! 

And these two beautifuls had great time at Paws at Play both getting placed in jumping and Brooke and Spark got to NFC some agility :-) 

Here is a video of Brooke on a training day recently