Thursday, 20 September 2018

Dog Swap?

I forgot I had this picture of my Mum with Brax and Toad, all of our doglets adore her coming to visit! Little Brax is feeling better now and putting some weight on :-)

And a family photo with our giant sunflower! The fence behind is 6ft!

At the weekend we went to Lechlade UKA show and Matt tried the Performance Challenge qualifier with Brooke again. She was absolutely off her rocker and landing at a heap at the bottom of the aframe which put him off! I can understand why he finds her hard to run as he worries about her hurting herself and she is ten times more excitable for him and screams her way round a course. So we have decided to dog swap for a few events/classes coming up. Spark runs well for him and Brooke is slightly less excitable for me so we will see what happens. One thing I have wanted to work on is Brookes distance skills as she isn't as reliable as Spark so I feel a winter training plan coming on!! This is Spark playing in the field this week

Miss Sparkle bear was very consistent this weekend and won all three of her classes at Lechlade UKA so she is not far off champ level now! The aim is for her to do Masters next year :-)

Bru got to play in the ring again and was super confident and happy! His weaves are coming on, I managed to get him weaving to a dead toy this week which is progress. He has started aframes as well and I really need to get going with his dw! 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Dog by dog agility update!

 She doesn't do agility but I can't leave her out! Brax is doing ok after being quite poorly while we were on holiday. She has had bloods taken to monitor her kidney falure and her levels weren't bad at all. Her liver values were up a bit but the vet thinks that could be to do with her pancreatitis flare up. She is back doing walks again now she has a bit of energy and is now up to (cringe!) 2.8kg!

Toad is loving his agility! He no longer does agility runs, just jumping and steeplechase but he still seems to be able to cope with 400 height which is brilliant. He won his steeplechase on Sunday at Lydiard by four seconds...not bad for a dog who is 11.5 years old! I also realised that he is only 3 points from going into Champ steeplechase so that is the goal by the end of the year!

Here is my little dude in action...


Brooke bean has been doing so well recently getting into the champ finals at Dundee and Northern Week. She is far more consistent than she used to be and is slowly learning lots of the skills training that she missed out on when she was younger and then off agility for two years. She has the same weave entry homework as Bru! Her pull thrus are coming on lovely and she is good generally about not taking the point that sometimes she won't take an obvious one for Matt!

She did an awesome couple of runs at Fab KC, she won the agility and came 2nd in the jumping. So pleased with her weave entry!!

Spark is finally getting a little bit of consistency and I'm getting confidence in my handling and timing with her in the ring. She did four runs at the weekend and went clear in three of them!! Maybe my fiery angel is growing up?!

I loved this run from Fab KC as I tested my pull thru after aframe and running dog walk to wrong end of tunnel and she nailed them both!!

The next day at Lydiard (after saying to one of my RC friends I haven't needed to use her stopped dog walk on a course for ages, I used it!) Spark managed to qualify for the CSJ Grand Prix by winning the heat! Yay agility goals this season ticked off :-)

He is now 16 months and old enough to play in the ring at UKA! He doesn't seem to care about working somewhere different at all and is taking it all in his stride. Lydiard was a great show as there was a practice ring and we could take his manners minder in and reward some dog walk down planks!

Such a handsome, sweet little boy! He has had his first UKA measure as well and is definitely toy height!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

August Hols!

We went off to Scotland for our holidays and had a lovely time catching up with my family. We did Dundee Champ show on the way north and Brooke made it into the champ final and then was wild!! Spark got faults in the jumping due to a badly times verbal from me causing a refusal and also had some poles so although it wasn't an E in wither round we didn't manage to get into the final. Unfortunately Bracken was unwell for the majority of our holiday which was very worrying and a bit stressful! I have to say thank you to my lovely family for coping so well with five dogs staying!! Thanks to Amy for giving up her bedroom and to my Mum for cleaning up Brackens first ever number 2 accident inside...I'm still mortified!!!

Here are some holiday snaps :-)

Bennachie walk

Venturing north! Brax got a carry on this walk bless her

Family walkies!

Stone stacking :-)

Bru at Brewdog!

Daviot stone circle

Down to Gullane to stay with my Dad, the doglets enjoyed racing around the garden!

Up Trapain Law

Brodie waiting for the gulls!

 Down to Wilton champ show and met up with the Licosateria family! From l-r Bru, his full brother from a previous litter Sirius, their Dad Sonic and his sister Brooke. Typical Bru having his tongue out!

And a pic of Miss Brax and her ladybird as she is cute!

Wilton champ went well, Brooke was awesome as despite having faults in the rounds she made it thru to the final and finished 6th despite a spin into the weaves! 

Sparkle bear was awesome in the champ agility round but we couldn't get it together in the jumping! She won the agility, woohooo!! We are yet to make a champ final so this is next years goal!

Next time I will do a run down of what all the dogs are doing agility wise as this post is getting a bit long already!!

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Hottest summer ever!

So after my last blog update being about wet weather and shows being cancelled, believe it or not but we are now in the longest heatwave I can remember in my life time! I literally haven't worn anything other than shorts for six weeks now, I have the worst tan lines ever and haven't taught in an afternoon for weeks as its been 28 degrees plus and today is currently 32 degrees!!! As a result the dogs are struggling with getting enough exercise, have hardly had any training and we have missed some shows as its been too hot.

Our garden is looking a bit dried out and brown! We have been watering our veg and so far have successfully grown runner beans, courgettes, peas, beetroot, raddish, lettuce and spinach beet. We should hopefully have some potatoes, tomatoes and carrots too!

The pots have been pretty too but any photo is improved by adding shelties!

Bru and Auntie Brooke on a rare cooler morning in St Albans!

If only my feet were as brown as my legs!!!

Beginning of July I managed to see my family which was lovely! My Mum and sis came down and Amy and I went to Harry Potter studio Tour which was great fun!! We spent the morning at Woodside farm, this is my Mum making friends with a llama! 

Amy and Wizard chess!! 

Sister selfie!

Diagon alley :-)

We then went onto the Hyde in Worcestershire for a reunion with my Dad's side of the family. My Aunt and Uncle having breakfast outside!

Dad, Amy and Ruth

While we were away for the weekend Matt went to agility with the doglets, someone managed to snap a pic of the camera shy collie! 

Shows wise we haven't done very well generally! We have been doing champs and Spark and I have been E'd in every one 😂 at non champ shows she has been great and won classes so I think its my nerves playing a part. This was our champ agility at Axstane and it was just one little thing! 

Matt has had similar luck but for him it seems to be refusals, particularly on tunnels. Brooke is a monkey as she is good in training! We are going to try some dog swapping to see if it makes a difference. This was Brooke in the Olympia qualifier on Sunday at Chipping Norton, soooo close! Even with her whoopsie time wise she was 6th and 5th qualified so she would have been joining her son Squidge in the Olympia semis...clever little ginger boy!! 

Bru has been coming on well and loving the teeny bits of agility he has done. He started weaves before it got too hard to get them in the ground!! And he has done a couple of workshops with Amanda and Dan which he loved. 

Brax and Toad are doing well, Toad is the most consistent of our agility dogs by a mile and he seems to be coping really well with the heat! 

Brax is managing ok and still is loving snuggling up in the biggest bed in the house!!!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Brus dog walks and champs

I don't really want to be updating my blog, its been a horrid week in so many ways and I really don't want to have to say anything about it so I will focus on the positives. Starting on a little negative however in that Spark came into season a month early which means that she missed Vyne and Beacon champ classes. Hatton Rally was cancelled cos of the rubbish weather so at least she didn't miss out on that at least!

Brooke has had a case of 5 fault-itis in three out of four of her champ runs over the two shows. One of the 5's was a mystery as we had no idea what she did wrong and it was a beautiful run!

And in both of her runs at Beacon she ran past a tunnel!

Brodie was awesome at Beacon and qualified again in 2nd place for the LHO steeplechase qualifier! He loves the fast flowing courses :-) He had a lovely jumping run at Vyne as well but was out of the places

And little Bru has been a superstar, he had a go at Hoopers at Vyne show and worked so well!

Bru has also had his first time doing mat work on a dog walk plank, he is really working it out nicely

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Wallingford and Rally

We had a busy weekend doing agility at Wallingford on the Saturday and Rally at Best Paw Forward on the Sunday. The girls were on fire at agility! Spark repeated a feat only done once before (doesn't bode well for champ!) and went clear in all three of her runs getting a 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Brooke bean won a jumping too 😊 Brodie was the last to run and was very over excited by the time we actually got to the ring...he went like a rocket but got a refusal!

Sparks jumping win

Brookes jumping win

On Sunday went off to Rally and the shelties had the best time! It was Bru's first competition and I had no idea what he was going to do but he was fantastic! He managed to score 199 (out of 210) and was just out of the placings. Brooke came 4th in her second Level 3 with an 'excellent' score of 195 and Brodie won Level 4 with score of 199! He now has three excellent scores so moves into Level 5 and has his RL4.Ex title after his name.

Brodies line up! Trust him not to be looking 😂

Bru's Level 1 course

Bru's first ever score sheet!

Monday, 9 April 2018

Wye Valley

First champ show of the season and we had serious doubts about running when we turned up at the showground! Despite the show deciding the ground was fine when we got there is was pretty boggy in day parking and as we walked over to the champ ring our hearts sank as it was muddy where people had been walking the course. After watching a few people run and slip everywhere we decided football boots were the best option and actually it was ok with studs on. The dogs line was fine and I didn't see any of the dogs slip, only some that were very reluctant to run over the patch of mud by the tunnel! Spark and me got E'd because I totally lost connection with her and didn't work a jump but she did all the hard bits really well!! Brooke was amazing apart from forgetting how to weave, the rest was perfect! 😂

The agility course was lovely too, sadly I missed Brookes run as it clashed with Brodies steeplechase run. She was a good girly and only got marked 5f on the dw which meant she made it through to her first champ final! Spark ran lovely again and just one oopsie from me where I trusted her to take the dw a bit too much! Her contacts and weaves were great again tho, I quick released her seesaw and then tested her dog walk stop and she nailed it! 

Brodie won the LHO steeplechase qualifier so he has a place in the finals in August! Not bad for an 11 year old, he loved all the tunnels! 

Brookes champ finals run was so good (and nerve wracking to watch!) She had some faults but ran nicely and we know that homework is weave entries, tunnel commitment and dog walks! So lovely to see her running at all given the last couple of years, she is one special girly! Nice that a sheltie won the ticket and Brookes little brother Tye won the reserve :-D 

They were all shattered!!