Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Bru goes Grade 7 and UKA Finals!

 Bru won his last agility needed to go Grade 7 at Inspire show!! 🎉💛 It was a bit of a hairy run but how exciting that he can now run in champ classes! Here is his run

Spark was brilliant considering that it was an indoor show (she isn't keen on the barking in confined spaces) She was judged in her two jumping runs by her Uncle Dan who trained her since she was an 8 week old puppy so she finds him super exciting!! It was lovely to have a course that tested all her skills at speed and really pushed us as handlers...all 190m of it! Here is her winning run 💜

Branston continues to grow like a weed and at almost 18 weeks is now taller than Bru! He is probably as heavy as him as well now 😂 At the moment we aren't doing any classes but are keeping up with lots of adventures out and about, tricks and recalls in new places. Also some learning how to watch quietly...something I wish I'd worked harder on with Spark! He has had an introduction to the manners minder, and also done a couple of hoops to both the manners minders and a dead toy. Here is his 16-17 week video 

A week ago (Wednesday as there was a change of venue and weekends weren't available!) Bru did the UKA Grand Finals. He was in the performance challenge and was so unlucky in the jumping as the weaves were really tough, he missed the entry and then second time round came out of them early (they were into nothing!) His time was amazing despite the 10 faults! It is a two part competition and he went on to win the agility round with a very cool run but unfortunately it wasn't enough to place on the podium overall. Here is Bru's agility run! 

Brodie is doing so well bless his heart! He has been the perfect puppy 'nanny' for Branston and enjoys similar length walks as he gets a bit stiff when the weather is damp. To be fair he is 15 in February so he is doing really well! 💙 Brooke is also a perfect great auntie and doesn't take any nonsense at all! We have pretty much decided to retire her from agility. She is running fine but is 11 next March and her shoulder is always going to have a weakness. Plus she is loving doing hoopers! 💚 We are doing a show this weekend so watch this space!! Happy retirement Mrs Bean! 

Friday, 15 October 2021

Mums 70th Birthday visit!

 We had such a lovely time over the past couple of weekends catching up with my family and celebrating my Mums 70th birthday! The weather wasn't brilliant on our family get together but the house that was base for the day was huge and had plenty of space for us all. There was also a nice paddock for the dogs to have a run around in. Spark found a frisbee which made her day although she couldn't run with it hanging down as she is so dinky so she quickly figured out she could run with it in the air!

Part of my Mums Birthday surprise was this beautiful Birthday cake made my talented friend Julie at Julies Cake Company!! The detail was amazing and the cake was delicious 😍 We spent the day catching up and it was so nice to see everyone! Branston was impeccably behaved which was a relief as he hasn't been in other houses before! 

Helping my Auntie in the kitchen! 

Waiting for the feast!

Branston meeting his Nana for the first time! 💕

The celebrations continued when Mum and Amy came to stay with us!

Lunch out with Wendy 😊


Puppy class with the Pickle!

Chiltern open Air Museum which was a great day out! So much to explore, I think we all slept well after!

Stockwood Park

Tea on the patio in October! Sunbathing shelties!

Wrest Park with Toad and Branston!

Someone crashed in our selfie pic!

While we were at Wrest Park Matthew and Bru won a Grade 6 agility run at Paws in the Park!!

And finally here is Branstons recent video! There is one for every week that we have had him on my YouTube channel...I'm keeping a record of our adventures! ❤

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Branston 11-12 weeks and JDA show

Bru got to play at JDA show this weekend and got strikes 1,2 and 3 to Grade 7! 💛 Spark did two runs, won one and had a total brain fart in the other 😂💜 Brooke did a lovely clear 💚 And so exciting to see loads of J9-ers doing so well, such a proud trainer!!

This is Bru's agility win, it was a bit hairy as he hasn't learnt Aframe with a tunnel curved round the bottom of it! He was a total superstar and nailed it! Frustratingly he would have won another agility if he hadn't slipped in the weaves. He has been back and forward to the vets over the last couple of weeks with a lump next to his stopper pad. It is still a bit of a mystery but was quite inflammed and almost like a thorn had got in there. The vet had a poke around and put him on antinflammatories and antibiotics and it has gone down so quickly! He had two weeks doing on lead walks and no agility which made him a bit annoyed! 

This is Sparks jumping run. I would post Brookes run but its very wobbly as Matt was trying to film and hold Bru who was losing the plot a bit!!

Little Branston pickle is growing legs! He is such a happy sweet puppy, takes everything in his stride and it totally into everything...nothing is safe!! I have never had a pup that picks so much stuff up either 😂 Here is his 11-12 weeks video 

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Branston 9-10 weeks and Wessex show!

 Branston is settling in so well, he is a fun confident puppy and very quick to pick new things up! He is sleeping through at night from about 11 - 5.30am which isn't too bad although I'm a bit like a zombie at the moment! 😂 We normally have a little training session for his brekkie and a good play and chew before everyone else wakes up. Then sometimes we go for a walk/carry with Brodie or Brooke and sometimes he stays home so he doesn't always go with the big dogs. He has been really good about being in the van while I'm working. I schedule pee breaks every 1.5 hours and he enjoys coming out for a potter around and to meet my clients and their dogs (if appropriate) Here is his 9-10 week video! ❤

On friday I did a Jenny Kimber workshop with Spark which was fun but quite soggy! Spark was great and it was also good to bring Branston and practice some crate games. I discovered he wasn't keen on horses so that was good to work on! 

We went to Wessex show on saturday, Branston was so confident and happy to play with various people in day parking (he is too young to be allowed around the rings yet) 

Stealing his uncle Finlays toy! 

And stealing his Auntie Zeph's toy before waving it in her face!!

Spark was a good girly and won a jumping and had a good E in an agility on a fun course, the competing gingers didn't have such a good day! Her little paw in this pic makes me laugh! 💜

Friday, 3 September 2021

Bru wins into Grade 6 and Branston comes home!!

 We decided to give KCI a miss this year as the format had changed for Novice Cup this year and we decided to do Frittenden and go puppy visiting instead! Bru was on fire at Frittenden and managed to get his last win to Grade 6! It was nice to go to a quiet show and meet some friends! 

Spark wasn't right at the show so I pulled her out. She had previously ran into one of our large terracotta pots on the patio while chasing a squirrel, smashed the pot and came running back to me on three legs 😖 Unfortunately our lovely physio was off work so I didn't ask her but after the show I got her seen and she was sore in her shoulders and neck. All fixed now though! 

Since then she ran at Pure agility on the Friday and won a class, it was a tricky course but she was really listening! 

Spark and the offending pot!!

Some random pics of our doglets last week before Branston came home! 

Green feet after field cutting!

Pre puppy arrival I also had a day out in London with Cathy and Annabel to visit the Tower of London, it was amazing to walk round and not too busy due to covid limiting numbers. 

Its amazing how close up you can get to the Ravens! 

And a couple of random garden pics! My bee log is looking quite full

And some of our home produce!

I've probably waffled on so long that everyone has given up reading this by now!! Anyway here are a couple of photos of Branston before he came home. This is Branston and his brother Strike at 7 weeks out for coffee! 

And a little boy with his dinosaur! It has his name and birthdate on it and was given it by Strikes new mummy, what a lovely gift!

He was such a good boy on the way home except being travel sick. He squawked a bit in his crate but generally has been excellent about being in his pen and crate! He loves his food and toys too and Grandma Lian gave him such a lovely puppy pack with lots of nice toys! Toilet training so far is going well, he has done three pees that we missed but two were on the first evening which is understandable. Here is a little compilation of some of the things we have got up to in his first week here ❤